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Train Simulator 2021 v71.5a Update Released

Zagruzka 12/03/21 505
Train Simulator 2021 v71.5a Update Released

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Train Simulator 2021 — is another part of the train simulator series. You will see that the gameplay mechanics are not very different from the solutions used in the previous part of the series. Players sit at the helm of one of the selected trains and guide it along one of the available routes, making sure that passengers reach their destination. Train Simulator 2021 offers routes that mirror real railway lines from around the world. In addition, players can design their own maps using a dedicated editor. Train Simulator 2021 does not make significant graphic design changes. Instead, a number of new options have been added to allow you to adjust the level of realism while playing. Among them, you can find, among others, settings for the power of sunlight and control of the field of view.

Changes in v71.5a:
- optimisation and loading performance improvements aimed at addressing long load times experienced by players when loading content that is contained within asset package files (.ap);

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