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fiber_smart_recordRed Canyon Map v1.2 for SnowRunner

Zagruzka 04/04/21 195
Red Canyon Map v1.2 for SnowRunner

Category - SnowRunner Mods

Version Game - v12.2
Credits: - Actionjackson@Modio

Download mod Red Canyon Map v1.2 for SnowRunner game.

Red Canyon - Monsoon season is here and a few recent thunderstorms have battered the local road network badly, just in time as you return from a trip out of town to your newly established 1-man trucking company, with yourself as its only employee. You own a CK1500, a Kodiak and a 2070 Fleetstar, the 2 trucks do have a few upgrades to start with but still, it is a humble start.

Features Red Canyon:
- 18 Contracts + a few Tasks, contracts start out easy with 2 point loads and get bigger later on. I think about a x3 cargo version for multiplayer, not sure if anyone would want that.
- You start with lvl 30(for unlocks) and 5000 gold.
- Balanced mostly with stock US 6x6 trucks but a few contracts may benefit from a larger truck
- Be smart, help yourself with 2nd truck or crane or both, roads can be tricky, some contracts may be difficult.
- No spiderman gameplay, you can hook your winch on a bush... you´ll see how that goes ;)
- Map is more about precision driving, looking ahead and taking the right line, mud only at few places, so you do not have to winch yourself through boring mudpits.
- Map is focused on hauling loads from A to B, scouting is not necessary.
- I came up with the quest structure before there was coop mod maps, so the quest structure is made for singleplayer. It does work in multiplayer, at first it is more linear after that it opens up a bit.

Tested on game version v12.2
Red Canyon Map v1.2 for SnowRunner Red Canyon Map v1.2 for SnowRunner Red Canyon Map v1.2 for SnowRunner

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