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Refined Weapons and Gunplay Mod v3.3 for GTA 5

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Refined Weapons and Gunplay Mod v3.3 for GTA 5
Category - GTA V other mods
Version game - v1.0.335.2
Credits: - State_of_Mind

-Every weapon now has recoil in third and first person
Pistols and SMGs have the least amount of recoil while Rifles and LMGs have the most
-Each weapon's damage has been modified
-Accuracy for the cops and gangs have been reduced
-Some weapon's magazine sizes have been changed
-All ammo capacities have been reduced to a few hundred rounds depending on the weapon class so no more 9999 rounds
-Farther ranges
-Reduced hipfire/run and gun accuracy
-Reloading is slower
-Bullets must travel
-Bullet force is reduced
-Health is lowered for pedestrians (no health bar bug)
-Muzzle Flash is reduced
-Optional stick magazine for the Gusenberg Sweeper
-Proper aiming stances for hipfired weapons such as the Micro SMG
-Faster rocket speeds for rocket launchers
-More force for the Heavy Sniper
-Zoomable scope for the Marksman Rifle
-Some weapons have increased fire rates
-Increased FoV

Recommended Mods:
Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement (use that combatbehavior.meta)
Active Gang Mod
Ped Riot Mode
Improved GTA (this mod will mess up my mod's modified accuracy)
Enhanced Explosions
Peds Don't Ragdoll [.NET]
Credit to Drkz for the AK drum mag idea


Version 3.3
-Heavy Shotgun recoil further reduced
-Sawn-off shotgun can now be fired from cars
-Assault SMG can now be used in cars and bikes
-Combat PDW can now be fired from bikes
-Changes to gang and police loadouts(using BobJaneTMart loadout edit)
-Swapped Sounds option updated
-Crouching added
-SMG class accuracy slightly increased
-Driveby accuracy slightly increased
-Micro SMG fire rate increased
-Assault SMG fire rate increased
-MG range increased
-HUD values have been corrected

Version 3.2a
-New DLC engravements bug has been fixed
-Applying an engravement will increase that weapon's damage
-Marksman Rifle fire rate bug has been fixed
-Assault Rifle and Combat MG clipping in first person fixed
-Easier installation method
-Pistol magazine size increased to 17 and extended increased to 30
-Combat Pistol mag size increased to 15 and extended increased to 20
-Combat PDW fire rate increased, magazines changed to 20 and extended to 30
-Gusenberg Sweeper aiming animation changed back to original due to a bug
-Heavy Shotgun reload speed and recoil decreased
-Marksman Rifle magazine sizes changed to 10 and 20
-Handgun class rapid fire accuracy increased
-SMG class rapid fire accuracy increased
-Bullet force has been slightly increased for shotguns and snipers
-No drum mags fixed

Version 3.1
-Stun gun bug fixed
-Handgun class accuracy recovery is faster
-Rifle class accuracy recovery is slower
-LMG class accuracy recovery is slower
-Pistol damage has been decreased to match the other 9mm pistols damage
-AP Pistol recovery is slower, damage decreased
-Vintage Pistol magazine sizes have been changed
-SMG magazine sizes have been changed to match the MP5
-Assault SMG damage and range increased
-Assault SMG extended magazine has been decreased to 30 to match the Magpul PDR
-Combat PDW damage, accuracy, range, ext mag size and recoil has been modified
-Gusenberg recoil has been changed to match SMGs
-Bullpup Rifle recoil has been changed, now less jumpy, damage increased
-Sniper Rifle and Heavy Snipers magazines have been increased to the RL counterparts
-Homing Launcher zoom and range increased
-Shotgun class accuracy changed
-Sniper Rifle sway has been adjusted
-Added text file explaining which weapon is loosely based off of what in my mod
-New installation instructions, should be clearer

Version 3.0
-Advanced Rifle increased automatic firing accuracy and slightly increased recoil in third person
-Carbine Rifle increased fire rate, decreased third person recoil
-Assault Rifle increased fire rate, recoil changed
-Assault Shotgun increased fire rate
-Special Carbine increased fire rate, decreased third person recoil
-All pistols have increased fire rates
-Heavy Shotgun increased iron sight zoom in first person and increased damage
-Tracers for LMGs have been readded
-MG now has more manageable recoil and accuracy in third person
-Suppressors no longer decrease damage or range on weapon wheel(game NEVER decreased range/damage with suppressors ingame)
-All automatic rifle accuracy has been slightly improved
-Pump Shotgun spread increased
-Heavy Shotgun range increased
-Every weapon has different accuracy recovery times
-Rocket speed for RPG has been increased

Version 2.9
-Musket zooming in third person increased
-Ammunition for weapons have been decreased
-Default FoV option

Version 2.8
-No drum mag for AK or HK36C option added
-Decreased recoil for Gusenberg Sweeper
-Drum mag for Special Carbine added
-Increased side recoil for Pistol .50 in first person
-Stun gun range increased
-Stun gun cooldown time decreased

Version 2.7
-Decreased recoil for Carbine Rifle and Special Carbine in third person
-Slightly increased recoil for Carbine Rifle in first person
-Heavy Shotgun now has decreased recoil and a zoom feature similar to other weapons
-Pistols now use the rifle complex reticule
-AP Pistol uses the complex SMG reticule
-Gusenberg Sweeper now uses the SMG reticule
-Homing Launcher increased recoil

Version 2.6
-Homing Launcher rocket speed increased
-Increased FoV
-Scopes for every weapon(excluding snipers) now zoom farther in first person

Version 2.5
-Marksman Rifle slightly recoil modified
-Pedhealth values changed
-Homing Launcher range increased
-Railgun cool down rate decreased

Version 2.4
-No sound bug in Modified Sounds option fixed
-No Crosshair and less muzzle flash option added
-Muzzle Flash has been tweaked to show more often but not all the time

Version 2.3
-Assault Shotgun rate of fire increased
-Marksman Rifle now has a zoomable scope
-Pump and Bullpup Shotgun rate of fire decreased
-Homing Launcher accuracy increased

Version 2.2
-Railgun magazine has been increased to 5
-LMGs have been rebalanced
-Hipfire and drive by accuracy has been rebalanced

Version 2.1
-Railgun and Homing Launcher has been modified
-Low caliber weapons can't damage armor on NPCs(shoot limbs or head to hurt them)
-Headshots against the player will nearly kill
-NPC health has been slightly reduced
-Bullets now have to travel - Thanks to Bayernsoldier(I used his weapon.meta to find out how to control bullet speed)
-Assault Rifle upward recoil slightly reduced
-Bullet force against NPCs has been reduced

Version 2.0
-Accuracy has been completely rebalanced
-Hipfire is a lot less effective
-Automatic/rapid fire is now very inaccurate, burst for better accuracy
-Zoom aim in third person and iron sight aim in first person is now useful, it's now the most accurate
-Tracers removed from all weapons except snipers
-Muzzle Flash has been reduced
-Shotguns have been rebalanced
-Assault Rifle increased damage against armored NPCs
-Assault Rifle rate of fire increased slightly
-Pistol .50 rate of fire increased
-Slight recoil changes
-Snipers have been rebalanced
-Snipers now have sway after firing a shot
-Reloading is slower
-Sounds have been reverted back to the original sounds
-Less accurate while shooting in vehicles
-Rockets are now faster

Installation: You need OpenIV
1. Run OpenIV
2. Go into editmode
3. Replace pedhealth.meta in update/update.rpf/common/data
4. Replace these 3 files in update/update.rpf/common/data/ai
5. DLC Example install:
Go into update/update.rpf/dlc_patch
You will then see dlc folders mpbeach, mp business etc
To install the Special Carbine changes, go into the folder mpbusiness/common/data/ai
Replace the weaponspecialcarbine.meta file
Then Add the weaponcomponents.meta file that was in the 'Special Carbine and Heavy Pistol' folder to that folder.
6. Go to each dlc folder and replace the corresponding files:
SNS Pistol: mpbeach/common/data/ai
Vintage Pistol: mphipster/common/data/ai
Heavy Shotgun: mplts/common/data/ai
Gusenberg: mpvalentines/common/data/ai
Bullpup Rifle: mpbusiness2/common/data/ai
Musket: mpindependence/common/data/ai
Heavy Pistol: mpbusiness/common/data/ai
Homing Launcher: mpchristmas2/common/data/ai
Railgun: spupgrade/common/data/ai
7. After that close archive and exit OpenIV
Thanks to dgsion for the clear instructions!


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Refined Weapons and Gunplay Mod v3.3 for GTA 5 Refined Weapons and Gunplay Mod v3.3 for GTA 5 Refined Weapons and Gunplay Mod v3.3 for GTA 5

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