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Mexico Extremo 2.0C for Ats [1.32.x]

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Mexico Extremo 2.0C for Ats [1.32.x]
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Category - ATS Maps
Version - 1.32.x

Description about Mexico Extremo 2.0C for Ats [1.32.x]:

Mexico Extremo 2.0C Map for Ats 1.32.x game version


New changelog in Mexico Extremo 2.0C: 
-Version updated to ATS 1.32.3s
-Version compatible to OpenGL (MAC and Linux users)
-Coast2Coast and CanaDream compatible.
-Fixed sky bug at 1:00 PM
-Fixed signs ussues
-Optimized different zones all across map.
-Console bugs fixes
-General correction of bugs, landscapes, black holes, etc
-Fixed some invisible walls in the project
-New develivere areas in El Salto and Mezquital for wood industry.
-Improvements of landscape in certain areas.
-Includes 12 new models of fictional mexican stores.
-New rest areas and fuel areas in map.
-Fixed Rio Grande-Cuencame route (no potholes), fixed invisible wall in area.
-New functional tollbooth areas
-Adjustments in speed limits (not complete)
-Nuevas señales additional signals and proper text.
-Reconstructed route Rio Grande-Sombrerete,better tracing and landscape fix.
-Remodeled junction in Zacatecas (between 45 y 54 in Calera)
-Remodeled section between Mazatlán-Culiacán (federal 15 libre y cuota)
-Optimized area in Coapas, Zac (por Concepción del oro)
-Optimized area in Valparaíso (en la zona serrana)
-Optimized area in curves between Jalpa-Tlaltenango
-New route between Pinos-Ojuelos, federal 49, 80 and 70.
-New city Ojuelos, Jal, for 2.0C "Zacatecas"

Improved cities:
-Mazatlan, Sin
-Zacatecas, Zac 
-Durango, Dgo 
-Fresnillo, Zac 

Added functional new cities:
-Colotlán, Jal
-Huejuquilla, Jal
-Salinas, SLPNew 

Fixed-Viva Mexico Map 2.4.5 [1.32.x]

*The map needed, download from here; (if you have it already no need to re-download)

**Other mods such vehicles, trailers, skins, etc
Mexico Extrmeo 2.0C
Viva Mexico 2.4.5
**OTHER MAP MODS such CanaDream or Coast2Coast
Screenshots Mod
Mexico Extremo 2.0C for Ats [1.32.x] Mexico Extremo 2.0C for Ats [1.32.x] Mexico Extremo 2.0C for Ats [1.32.x]

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