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Real Stores Brand Names v2.0 for GTA 5

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Real Stores Brand Names v2.0 for GTA 5
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Category - GTA V other mods
Version - v.1180.1
Credits: - Nik The Greek

Description about Real Stores Brand Names v2.0 for GTA 5:

Download mod Real Stores Brand Names v2.0 for GTA 5 | Grand Theft Auto V game.

Real Stores Work In Progress

Korea @ Sentral Area

Starbucks (Lods+ Slods)
McDonalds + Bullboards (Lods+Slods)
2 Plazas + Bullboards (Lods+Slods) 

Whats New In 2.0 
San Pedro 100%
Airport 100%
Port 100% 

Whats New in 1.1

3 Garages In Sentral Area
1 Garage In Hollywood Area
Unicorn Strip Club Billboards
Few Stores & Many Billboards around Sentral Area

(Lods+Slods Included)

Whats New in 1.2

1 Burger King
2 Stores
1 Garage
1 Hillary Graffiti
Many Billboards in Scentral Area

(Lods+Slods+Night Lods Included)  

Whats New In 1.3

Scentral Area
1 Plaza
1 Liquor Store
1 Beauty Salon
1 Electronic Store
1 Graffiti Trump Putin
2 Graffiti Banksy Stencil

Industrial Zone
1 Caterpillar Hangar+Garage
1 Fed Ex Office
1 German Cars Service Hangar  
1 Beer Factory Amstel Logo
Plenty Billboards in Scentral & Industrial Zone

What,s new in 1.4

Complete Retexture of Premium Deluxe Motorsport
(Billboards Stands  , Posters , Selves , Brochures , Plates Sign, Tires etc)
Lods+Slods Included

Whats new in 1.5

2xPlazas in Hollywood Area
1xGarage in Scentral Area (Cars Movie Textures)
1xButcher in Scentral Area
1xMarvel Comics Store in Hollywood Area
Triple Posters in Downtown  
Large Poster in Downtown
Plenty Bullboards In Hollywood Area

Lods+Slods Included

Whats New in 1.6

1xPlaza In Venice Beach
1xPlaza In Beverly Hills
1xMustang Shop In Route 68 near Fleetca Bank
2xLiquor Shops

Plenty Bullboards In Venice Beach and Sonoran Desert Route 68
Lods+Slods Incleded

Whats New in 1.7

Retexture Shops Across In Beverly Hills (over 60%) and Santa Monica Area (Over 75%) + Bullboards , Lods Slods included 

Tested in game version v.1180.1
Screenshots Mod
Real Stores Brand Names v2.0 for GTA 5 Real Stores Brand Names v2.0 for GTA 5 Real Stores Brand Names v2.0 for GTA 5
Gameplay / Videos:

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