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Tourist Bus Simulator - BETA Update 1.3 released

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Tourist Bus Simulator - BETA Update 1.3 released
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We've enabled Tourist Bus Sim Update 1.3 for public testing. If you like, you can send us your feedback in our forums at
Detailed information can be found in the Changelog below.

This is a BETA Update. Please, be aware that this version can cause technical problems and/or may cause instabilities of your computer system.

How to install the beta version of the update?

Quite easily:
  •  In your Library you click with the right mouse button on the entry of the "Tourist Bus Simulator"
  •  In the drop-menu you click on the entry "Properties"
  •  In the window "Tourist Bus Simulator - Properties" you select the tab "BETAS"
  •  In the field "Select the beta you would like to opt into:" select the entry "beta-"
  •  Now you can close the window and the beta version of the update should download right away
  •  After downloading the update you can start the Tourist Bus Simulator via the "PLAY" button
  •  In the main menu should now be the corresponding version number of the beta version of the update and you can test the update


The following have either been fixed or changed:

  •  Preparations for DLC VDL Futura FHD2

  •  Mileage and time in tachograph are not updating correctly when using Fast Travel
  •  New mouse control mode added: Steering only

User Interface
  •  Preparations for DLC VDL Futura FHD2
  •  Repaint description text length covers "Buy"-button
  •  Some minor typos in certain localisations
  •  Some texts covering buttons or checkboxes in certain localisations
  •  Untranslated text strings
  •  Retarder symbol is now shown in the minimap when Retarder is in use
  •  Some incorrect speed limits showing in navigation
  •  Preparations for DLC VDL Futura FHD2
  •  New weather system added (note, it'll be rather dry nonetheless, due to the climate zone)
  •  New lighting system added


    Clear with mist


    Light Clouds

    Light Clouds with mist


    Rain with mist


  •  Updated rain effect on front shield of all busses

  •  ComfortClass HD: Third axles have an incorrect amount of wheels
  •  ComfortClass HD: Frame of the driver window shows a texture artefact
  •  ComfortClass HD: Transparency of front shield
  •  ComfortClass HD: Unable to continue driving out of a bus stop in Arcade Mode

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