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Route Shevchenko - Tsvetkovo v3.0 for TS 2019

Route Shevchenko - Tsvetkovo v3.0 for TS 2019

Category - Train Simulator Routes

Version Game - TS 2019
Credits: - Света, Артём ака dison202

Download mod Route Shevchenko - Tsvetkovo v3.0 for TS 2019 | Train Simulator 2019 game.

Greetings to all lovers of the railway! I want to introduce everyone to my addition for Train Simulator 2014-2020, namely the route "named after Shevchenko - Tsvetkovo"

First of all, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the content developers, thanks to whose work it is possible to build their own routes, filling them with familiar and necessary objects. And also for valuable advice, provided material, explanations and moral support I express my sincere gratitude to individual users of this 

Features Route Shevchenko - Tsvetkovo:
- The length of the route is 110 km (at this stage).
- Route class - Shunting, suburban.
-  The route is built on the basis of real terrain, according to satellite images.
- The route was built on the principle of "from what is", so you should not expect much conformity with the real prototype. For the sake of maximum optimization, I had to make significant simplifications when arranging objects.
- The basis of the route is the railway junction station them. T. Shevchenko, located in Smela, Ukraine. The station connects the so-called Bakhmach and Fastov lines.

List of station parks:
    - Bakhmach passenger (South Station), track 1-4;
    - Bakhmach Commodity, path 5-7, 10-15;
    - Sorting, path 6-35;
    - Fastovsky Passenger (North Station), path 61-64;
    - Fastovsky Freight, way 42-50;
    - Znamensky, way 73, 74

Changes in v3.0:
- It was completed ~ 70 kilometers of the Bakhmach line, now its total length is 90 kilometers, including 4 stations;
- Updated most platforms;
- Changed lighting settings;
- Changed sound scheme, default from Kuju is not used anymore;
- The throats of the Bakhmach Park, the even throat of the Fastovsky Park, the platforms of the South Station Shevchenko station have been completely rebuilt;
- A complete replacement of the RSv05 traffic light with C65 (DSB240319) from the DSB Team was made;
- The Smela station was rebuilt (the station building was replaced and the platforms were rebuilt);
- Removed / replaced non-optimized assets;
- Fixed speed limits (as a guideline, restrictions were used from the routes Kiev - Shevchenko and Shevchenko - Pomoshnaya from the ZD-simulator simulator).

* On the route, the floor part of the ALSN system (DSB240319 protocol) with a frequency of 25/50 Hz was implemented.

NOTE: in order to simplify the DSS somewhat, there are some differences from the actual track development of the station, and as a result, there is a difference in the numbering and designation of tracks.

Install the Route:
How to set the fashion in the Train Simulator: for RailWorks add-ons are installed using the built-in Utilites Add-ons Manager, located in the root folder of the game.
Press the large Install button (SET) which is to the right, and specify a location or rpk rwp-archive.
If the file is not packed in such a file, then copy the Assets folder to the root of the game and confirm the replacement.

Tested on game version TS 2019

Screenshots Mod
Route Shevchenko - Tsvetkovo v3.0 for TS 2019 Route Shevchenko - Tsvetkovo v3.0 for TS 2019 Route Shevchenko - Tsvetkovo v3.0 for TS 2019

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