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Complex Control v6.11 for GTA 5

Category - GTA V other mods

Version Game - v1.50+
Credits: - THEAETIK

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Download mod Complex Control v6.11 for GTA 5 | Grand Theft Auto V game.

Complex Control - is a major gameplay overhaul mod - You play as Avatars, special units equipped with a Teleportation ability as well as 3 unique abilities, Avatars are procedural and never the same (They sometimes get intriguing name combinations like "Parallel Moist"). You will always have different kits - there's always something new to experience every run. If you're successful you can keep the avatar and use it on your next match. Spawn in a random location on the map and try to win by standing in the last zone for 4 Seconds. The location is specific to a custom algorithm ensuring the battlefield is interesting. The mod has a custom user interface, stats page and more. Since this is a script, it replaces no files. Every files are read externally through vnet. Making it very easy to uninstall safely by deleting the scripts and folders and won't overwrite any of your files, so no need to create backup. 

Features Complex Control:
- Royal-Lite Gameplay - Control and survive a deadly zone populated with dropping and driving AIs
- Specials - Using 55 unique and balanced abilities with cooldowns
- Blink Teleport - Teleport in or out of your vehicle instantly, or reach high ground areas 
- Fast Paced Gameplay - Faster move speed, unique RoadKilling & Rolling AI behaviors
- Weapon To Back System - Your primary weapon is visible to back when your secondary is out
- Streak - Kill enemies fast to earn more points in your runs
- Custom Character Skins - 100 unique character skins with their own color sets
- Rogue-lite Characters - Choose from GENERATED character sets with random Abilities / Weapons / Vehicles / Names
- Royal Avatar - Progress on your own character until they die or trade them for cheaper and with score return
- Ranking - 4 ranks to dynamically change gameplay the better or worst you succeed
- Leveling - Leveling brackets reflected by total career score gained
- Stats - Statistics page to help you keep a track on progress or performance
- Color Map Spawn - No spawn is fixated, areas of the map are marked for spawn
- Quality Control - Over 1500 hours of solo Development / Redesign / Testing, many Bug / Crash Fixes done
- Tweaks - Some weapons were buffed for better experience, shotguns are lethal and realistic (realtime script not permanent)

Tested on game version v1.50+
Screenshots Mod
Complex Control v6.11 for GTA 5 Complex Control v6.11 for GTA 5 Complex Control v6.11 for GTA 5

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