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fiber_smart_recordFlignitz Swiss Trailer (and trucks) skins pack

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Flignitz Swiss Trailer (and trucks) skins pack

Category - ETS 2 skins

Version Game - 1.36.x
Credits: - Flignitz F&L GmbH

Flignitz Swiss Trailer (and trucks) skin pack for Euro Truck Simulator 2 game

Great Swiss trailer and truck skins pack for 1.36.x game version

Flignitz paint pack contains:
   - 8 skins for trailers
        SCS curtainsider: Hugelshofer, Schöni
        SCS reefer: Cremo, Frigo-Trans
        SCS dryvan: Die Post
        SCS walking floor: Ricoter
        Krone Profiliner: HolzZollHaus
        Krone Dryliner: Die Post
        Feldbinder silo: UFA

   - 2 Bonus truck skins (High cab 4x2 only)
        Scania R: Hugelshofer
        Renault T: Schöni

Note: Some skins require other mods or DLC.
   - Skins for Krone Profiliner & Dryliner require Krone DLC
   - Skin for silo trailer requires "Feldbinder KIP Pack" by LadenSwallow
   - No other mods or DLC are required for SCS trailer skins and truck skins.

Recommended DLC and mods for Flignitz CH Trailers pack:
   • Krone Trailers DLC
   • IJ's Mods Custom Trailer mod by IJ's Mods
   • Feldbinder KIP Pack by LadenSwallow
   • Krone ProfiLiner ADDON KRONE DLC by Sogard3
   • SCS Trailer Tuning Pack mod by SGD

Recommended mods for custom truck license plates:
   • License Plate Pack for Modified Trucks by Donovan & Vadik
   • Next Generation Scania P G R S Pack by Eugene

* Renault T skin works best with Truck Accessory Pack by IJ's Mods. 

NOTE: Set higher priority for Flignitz CH Trailers paint pack mod in
Mod Manager, if using other mods that are recommended above. 

This mod is available only from Steam Workshop.
          Do not upload to any other site.
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Flignitz Swiss Trailer (and trucks) skins pack Flignitz Swiss Trailer (and trucks) skins pack Flignitz Swiss Trailer (and trucks) skins pack

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