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Maz 7904 v2.0 for Spintires MudRunner

Category - Spintires Mud Runner Vehicles

Version Game - v14.08.19
Credits: - yansors, Dragon von Chimera

Mod Maz 7904 v1.0 for Spintires MudRunner game.

Info about the mod:  
A great addition added to the game Spintires MudRunner is Mod Maz 7904 for v14.08.19 game version, which can be downloaded for free and without registration. You can also see other fashion from the category Trucks for Spintires or go to the main section Spintires games.

MAZ 7904 is a 12x12 off-road 6-axle truck with two 2-seater cabs on huge 3-meter wheels. The curb weight is 140 tons, and the carrying capacity is 220 tons, and the total weight is 360 tons.

The main engine was a 12CHN18 / 20 (M-351) V12 marine diesel engine with a turbocharger of 42.4 liters and 1,500 hp. (6700 nm) located in front between cabs. It was connected to two hydromechanical gearboxes.
2 front and 2 rear axles were steered.
MAZ 7904 uses 3180x1010-1295 wheels with tires manufactured by Bridgestone.
The second auxiliary engine YaMZ-238F V8 was used to power hydraulic pumps, electric generators, ventilation openings of the cooling system, and other units. Its power is 330 hp.

Dimensions of this beast:
Length 32.2 m
Width 6.8 m
Height 3450 m
Ground clearance 0.48 m
Turning radius 50 m

 Features mod Maz 7904:  
- have own addons + default addons
- Animation of steering, doors, hood, trunk 
- Animation: cockpit, frame, rudder, motor, tanks, air gripping, swivel fists and bar, mirrors on impact 
- Animations: cabs,suspensions, steering wheel, mud flaps, add-ons.
- splashes on the windshield from water
- spray on the glass
- animation of knuckles and beams
- animation of fuel in tanks

- animation of starting / jamming / damaging the engine
- There is a cockpit and a dashboard.
- frames    
- The view from the cabin 
- the model has animation parts 
- model gets dirty
- the model has own wheels
- the model has own sound
- the model has own configuration
- working lights
- present the driver
- model far away looks like up close
- detailed model

Changes in v2.0:
- Sounds new as possible. Diesel with a turbine.
- Tweaked a bit model.
- Tweaked the settings.
- Slightly modified textures.

Install the mod:
Installation: the contents of the archive to be dropped into the folder
Tested on game version v14.08.19
Screenshots Mod
Maz 7904 v2.0 for Spintires MudRunner Maz 7904 v2.0 for Spintires MudRunner Maz 7904 v2.0 for Spintires MudRunner

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