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fiber_smart_recordElectric Train ER2-1158 v1.0 for TS 2021

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Electric Train ER2-1158 v1.0 for TS 2021

Category - Locomotives Train Simulator

Version Game - TS 2021
Credits: - hellishfire, Linx, Alexa, Света, i2GR

Download mod Electric Train ER2-1158 v1.0 for TS 2021 | Train Simulator 2021 game.

ER2-1158 - is the alpha version of the DC electric train ER2 with numbers 1158 (heads), 1327 (motors). The model is a 4-car train created on the basis of photographic material of a real electric train (photocopy in 2016, the train was decommissioned in August 2017). Consists of a head carriage and a motor car model. There are no trailed models at the moment. The author of the original model is Stepa ER2-1050. The cockpit has been seriously changed (geometry fixed and re-textured). Improved external geometry. The sounds are partly from Kostya, partly their own. The compressor is recorded on the well-known ER2K-980. The electric train is prepared for operation in the "Quick Drive" mode. 

Features Electric Train ER2-1158:
- russian electric train;
- The electric train implements sequential start-up of devices and auxiliary machines, a set of controller positions, and current limitation. 
- Braking system with EPT. 
- The CLUB-U indication is implemented in a limited way.
- high quality detailed model.

- How to set the fashion in the Train Simulator: for RailWorks add-ons are installed using the built-in Utilites Add-ons Manager, located in the root folder of the game.
- Press the large Install button (SET) which is to the right, and specify a location or rpk rwp-archive.
- If the file is not packed in such a file, then copy the Assets folder to the root of the game and confirm the replacement.

Tested on game version TS 2021
Screenshots Mod
Electric Train ER2-1158 v1.0 for TS 2021 Electric Train ER2-1158 v1.0 for TS 2021 Electric Train ER2-1158 v1.0 for TS 2021

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