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Passenger Wagon Luhansky v1.0 for TS 2017

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Passenger Wagon Luhansky v1.0 for TS 2017
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Category - Train Passenger wagons
Version - TS 2017
Credits: - Radiomaster

Description about Passenger Wagon Luhansky v1.0 for TS 2017:

Passenger Wagon Luhansky v1.0 for TS 2017 game.


Fashion for the popular RailWorks game. Technical car for transportation of railway and equipment.



How to install the mods for Train Simulator: additions for RailWorks are installed using the add-on manager built into Utilites, which is located at the root of the game folders.
Click the large Install button, which is on the right, and specify the location of the rpk or rwp-archive.
If the file is not packed into such an archive, copy the Assets folder to the root game and confirm the replacement.


Tested on game version v58.a

Screenshots Mod
Passenger Wagon Luhansky v1.0 for TS 2017

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