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Pack mods realistic driving v2.5 for Ets2

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Pack mods realistic driving v2.5 for Ets2
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Category - ETS 2 other mods
Version - 1.28.x
Credits: - Serega22ru

Description about Pack mods realistic driving v2.5 for Ets2:

Pack mods realistic driving v2.5 for Ets2 1.28.x game version

New version 2.5:
– Adaptation under version
– New trucks are added
– It is changed swinging of a cabin and calibration of brakes

These modes are done by driving of the truck in a game to more realistic.

Before beginning to play after activation of spendthrifts:

In settings of a game to switch-off the swinging camera, and to leave amplitude of swinging in situation by default.


1. Smoothly advance, without sharp set of speed.
2. Turns in the right – left without sharp brozk
3. Resistance of wind and frictional force are reduced, than the track setup at any speeds is increased.
4. Considerably the brake way increased, it is better to observe the high-speed mode.
5. Reaction time of brakes is reduced, it is possible to apply brakes partially softly (short-time key press of “S”) and at small speeds.
6. Uphill it became more difficult to rise.
7. Sensitivity of a wheel depends on motion speed now. The more speed, the is less sensitivity.
8. The turning angle of front wheels is increased. Now it is easier to park a track with a load, to maneuver on narrow small streets in the cities and on mountain roads.

Screenshots Mod
Pack mods realistic driving v2.5 for Ets2 Pack mods realistic driving v2.5 for Ets2

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