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Hof Bergmann Map v1.3.0.1 by Farmer_Andy for FS22

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Hof Bergmann Map v1.3.0.1 by Farmer_Andy for FS22
Category - Farming Simulator 22
Version game - v1.13.x
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Hof Bergmann Map - Beautiful countryside under a farm with many small details. Starting with a well-designed PDA with new icons and ending with many buildings and a beautiful landscape. For this first version of the map, there is no new crop on the program but rather an emphasis on the layout and variety of areas of the 20 fields that make it up. Thus, you can easily start your career with the 5 fields around the farm and expand later with the money that you can collect with your sales and the realization of juicy contracts in the 3 huge fields available.  The map will be further expanded in the future and this version is not the final version, because a map is never really finished.

Features Hof Bergmann Map:

- Converted from FS19 to FS22;

- 20+ fields of different sizes;
- points of sale;
- Animals;
- Score;
- Forest areas;
- Horse feed has been converted to serial so oats and hay are equivalent feed;
- Changed feed recipe, now requires some straw;
- Grape yield increased from 0.92 to 1.92;
- Enabled NPCs at points of sale.

Changes in v1.3.0.1:
- Added windrower effects (rakers) for clover hay, these were missing and an error occurred
- Unloading triggers on vegetable beds and productions sometimes showed an incorrect message text. This has been fixed
- Unprocessed tree trunks at the sawmill were permanently visible - this has been fixed
- Filltype carrots added to the map, these are also available on the map without Premium Expansion DLC but only in the allotment garden.
- With the Premium Expansion DLC these are also available in fields and can be harvested with the machines.
- Carrots can be sold or used as rabbit food. All other fruits from the Premium DLC can be used because everything enters itself everywhere
- Fixed an error that was triggered when entering the info trigger in productions (occurred with the new Giants patch)
- Corrected unevenness in field 24
- Chicken coop from farm 3 did not spawn manure. This has been fixed, the manure now appears outside the coop
- Fixed log message that occurred when trying to place additional animal pens (the limit of stables on the map has been exhausted, so Giants cannot place any more stables)
- Fixed texture error on sign at slaughterhouse
- Fixed texture errors on the floor of the chicken coop on Farm3

Tested on game version 1.13.x

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Hof Bergmann Map v1.3.0.1 by Farmer_Andy for FS22 Hof Bergmann Map v1.3.0.1 by Farmer_Andy for FS22 Hof Bergmann Map v1.3.0.1 by Farmer_Andy for FS22


Changes in v1.3:
- This version is fully compatible with Maize Plus, but can also be played without this mod
- Great care has been taken to ensure that the non-Maize Plus card does not lose its charm despite the changes for Maize Plus.
Download #2 | Download #3

Changes in v1.1.0.1:
- Reading stones thrown out again because they cannot be completely deactivated in the menu.
- extended bushes were missing this has been fixed
- Mill for malt grist now only gives out loose material, no more sacks.
(Bags are impractical in this case because this step is supposed to make work easier for players who don't like to carry things by hand)
- The entrance to the allotment garden has been enlarged again so that it is now possible to drive through the garden with small tractors.
- Removed production costs in Brewery from processes that cannot be switched off.
Download #2 | Download #3

Changes in v1.1:
– The trigger of a collectible was not reachable, this was fixed.
– Added own hotspot icons to the PDA map
– Warning at wine crate fixed, which was caused by tension belts
– Food in the cow pasture was adjusted, and milk was accepted in the cow’s paddock ^^
– Sundial to rotate the sun was removed. Sun is now aligned as in the standard.
– Added malt grist to the farm silo.
– Stones activated again
– Map completely rebuilt based on a standard map (LODs of ground textures/foil layers are back to standard) for better performance.
– White edges on the fields fixed (are also fixed without Pump N Hoses DLC)
Download #2 | Download #3

Changes in v1.0.0.2:
- Fixed bugs that occurred with the Pump N Hoses DLC (all stables were gone).
Download #2 | Download #3 

Changes in v1.0.0.1:
- Moddesc version adapted to patch 1.5.0 (patch 1.5.0 is now mandatory)
- Fixed game crash when sleeping in farmhouse, fixed SleepCamera script by Ifkonator
- Fixed tool rack behind horse stable, objects falling through the shelves.
- Languages updated, added Turkish and Italian
- Mineral fertilizer is no longer displayed in the price menu for the beds in the allotment garden
Download #1 | Download #2 | Download #3

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