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Osina Map v3.0 for FS 17

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Osina Map v3.0 for FS 17
Category - Maps FS 17
Version game - 1.5.x
Credits: - Didek96, AgroPiotrmosz
Osina Map v3.0 for Farming Simulator 17 game.

A great addition added to the game Farming Simulator 17 is Osina Map for v1.5.x game version, which can be downloaded for free and without registration. You can also see other fashion from the category maps for Farming Simulator 17 or go to the main section FS 17 games. 
That is, after about a year time, you seem to Osina V1 card !! :)
The picture is based on a real village and country bordering the province. Lower Silesia and Opole, near my village. :)
The card laid all his heart and devoted hundreds of hours to reproduce it best, which I have in about 85% because businesses that are on the map are not available, there are normal houses. I have a few things also from each other. :)
So, after a short introduction time for the description of the card: D

Features map:
- Two playable farms, focused on animal production or cows (pigs, unfortunately not because I did not have too much where to look for), the second plant.
- purchase of grain on the old state farms sculptures, (a certain type of grain sold in another building)
- purchase of animals also PGR sculptures
- Two playful farms, one set for the production of cows, the other plant and the pigs.
- Purchase of cereals on the old farmer's house, (the particular kind of grain is sold in another building)
- Purchase of animals also at the State Farm
-Click with machines and running machine reset
- starter machines
- 49 fields with area from several aries to about 5 ha and 3 meadows
As I mentioned, an incredibly mapped area of Lower Silesia you will not find on any other map :)
- Mod Sieczki
- Gates and gates opened with a mouse
- Button lights
-I add invisible walls in the fields to the map area and one in the village is not a mistake, they are done deliberately, because it is surrounded by maps

Changes in v3.0:
- I added buying fields (there are 52 all)
- I added buying the economy
- Compatibility with SeasonMod
- I've changed virtually all crop textures, etc.
- Compatibility with HoseSystem
- Rebuilt farm with pigs and lightly with cows
- I added some new fields ((including the largest has 72 hectares) (unblocked and completed fields that were previously not available))
- I added a sawmill and a small "forest" in place of apple trees
- Seeping capacity more realistic (62,000 liters for cows, 52,000 for pigs)
- I have replaced all trees for those with Fs17 (for compatibility with SeasonMod)
- Part of the machines to start a career, with modifications to be downloaded
- New sky textures
Changes in v2.0:
- I added obór with swin
- There are several new pol
- I rebuilt some one of the rich
- some visual fixes
"I added the buns to the cows grazes
- And some other things you'll see :)

Kanty with machines and operating equipment reset
- 46 fields ranging in size from a few acres to about 5 acres of meadows and 3 (unfortunately they are not purchased)
- As I unbelievably depicted area of ??Lower Silesia mentioned on another map, will not :)
- Mod Sieczka
- Doors and gates open with the mouse
- Lamps on the button
- The possibility of storing grain in one of the halls on the farm with "Binami"
- And much more about what we convince ourselves :)
Tested on game version 1.5.x

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Osina Map v3.0 for FS 17 Osina Map v3.0 for FS 17 Osina Map v3.0 for FS 17

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