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John Deere 8RT 2010 EU/US v2.0 for FS17

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John Deere 8RT 2010 EU/US v2.0 for FS17
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Category - Tractors FS 17
Version Game - 1.32.x
Credits: - JHHG Modding, Martin Fabík, SiiD Modding, TechMod, EpicPryda

Description about « John Deere 8RT 2010 EU/US v2.0 for FS17: »

Agricultural Tractor John Deere 8RT 2010 EU/US v2.0 for FS17 | Farming Simulator 2017 game.

A great addition added to the game Farming Simulator 17 is Tractor John Deere 8RT 2010 EU/US for v1.5.x game version, which can be downloaded for free and without registration. You can also see other fashion from the category tractors for Farming Simulator 17 or go to the main section FS 17 games.

First official release on public page, Enjoy and please KEEP ORIGINAL LINK ~ JHHG Modding.

Features tractor:
- Real GPS Mod by Martin Fabík!
- Dynamic Hoses Script
- IC Script
- Speed Joystick Script
- Cab Controls Script
- Vibirations Script
- Add Configurations Script
- Tracks Physics Script
- Exhaust Script
- new Exhaust Script
- Seat Suspension Script
- Monitors Script
- Remodeled engine parts
- Remodeled Cab with proper lights and mirrors
- New ladder
- New, proper Exhaust
- New halogen lights
- New, realistic 8R 2010 sounds
- New textures with John Deere® hexcode Green & Yellow
- New custom Speculars (Dirt Mask)
- Added normal maps
- Reduced zip file
- Reduced GE file
- Cleared xml file
- All lights have been scripted anew
- New Tracks with new diffuses and custom specmaps
- New Track's wheels
- Front weight configurations
- Motor configurations
- Tracks configurations
- Greenstar configurations
- Back attacher configurations
- Logo configurations
- Frame weights configurations
- Beacon configurations
- Motor block model configurations
- Exhaust Configurations
- Warning signs configurations
- Mirrors configurations
- Horn configurations
- Weights style configurations
- Grill style configurations
- Tracks weights configurations
- Tools configurations
- New cab details
- Hydraulic cylinders for IC door and window
- Lot of new IC animations
- Cab details with separate lights
- Reverse lights with custom sound
- New, high quality decals
- vechicleShader: Dust and Dirt effects
- Vibirations: motor - separate script for every single part, Exhaust, cab, mirrors, ladder, Warning signs, beacon, window, door, light bar, lights, Starfire3000, tanks,

*Credits for original model: LS-Pics by EpicPryda, TechMod
*Credits for edit: JHHG Modding & LS-Pics by EpicPryda, Martin Fabík - Real GPS Scripts, Siid Modding - universal specmap

Tested on game version 1.5.x
Screenshots Mod
John Deere 8RT 2010 EU/US v2.0 for FS17 John Deere 8RT 2010 EU/US v2.0 for FS17 John Deere 8RT 2010 EU/US v2.0 for FS17
Gameplay / Videos:

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