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Custom Camera V Plus v1.6 for GTA 5

Author: Zagruzka | Date: 6-05-2019, 21:42 | Views: 167 | Comments: 0
Custom Camera V Plus v1.6 for GTA 5
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Category - GTA V other mods
Version - v.1180.1
Credits: - Rbn3D

Description about Custom Camera V Plus v1.6 for GTA 5:

Download mod Custom Camera V Plus v1.6 for GTA 5 | Grand Theft Auto V game.

Version 1.6.0 was just released (may be under admin approval)
It adds a completely new 3rd person camera, which is racing oriented, and behaves differently.
It's behaviour is close to many racing simulators/games, so using a realistc handling/low friction handling it's generally a good idea.
The legacy 3rd person cam it's also available (you can switch between all cams by pressing "V"). You can even set the default camera in settings.

Changelog v1.6.0:
* New third person camera! Racing oriented, so now you can switch between 3 cameras: 1st person, 3rd person smooth (legacy), and 3rd person racing (new)
* Ability to select the default camera via settings .ini file (Default camera now is 3rd person racing, but you can set it back to 3rd person smooth or 1st person)
* Other minor enhancements
Happy driving!

### Features ### 
* Supports Thrid person and first person vehicle cameras! Just switch between them by pressing "Next view" button! (key "V" by default)
* Allows aim/shooting and look around (only mouse for now)
* Reworked system to update camera position and rotation. Much improved since *Custom Camera V*
* Nice feeling of speed
* Supports big vehicles, and even vehicles towing another vehicles

### Requirements ### 
* GTA V for PC (obviously)
* Script Hook V

### Usage ### 
* Enter on any vehicle (except boat, helis and planes) and custom camera will be automatically enabled
* Look around, aim and shoot just like with the built-in camera.
* Switch between 3rd and 1st person view by pressing V (or other key mapped to switch views)
* Toggle mod enabled by pressing 1.
### Recommended third party mods to use with Custom Camera V ###
* Inverse power script by ikt
* A handling mod, such as Realistic Driving V or RDE 3.0 handling file                        

Tested in game version v.1180.1

Screenshots Mod
Custom Camera V Plus v1.6 for GTA 5 Custom Camera V Plus v1.6 for GTA 5 Custom Camera V Plus v1.6 for GTA 5
Gameplay / Videos:

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