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Viva Mexico Map v2.5.9 (1.39.x) for ATS

Category - ATS Maps

Version Game - 1.39.x
Credits: - hugoces, Frank Peru, Mago, Erik Samdeb, Ricardo Arango, P16, denzik, Eblem Torez

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Reason: Mod Updated to v2.5.9
Download mod Viva Mexico Map v2.5.9 (1.39.x) for ATS | American Truck Simulator game.

Viva Mexico Map - this mod add the beautiful map of Mexico, with its own color and atmosphere. There are many new objects on the map, new companies and trailers. The map is large and perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the country. It conveys the coloration and nature of Mexico.

Features mod Viva Mexico Map:
- New booth before entering LA RUMOROSA by Jose Trucking.
- Reten at the entrance of LA RUMOROSA (Mexicali - Tijuana).
- Remodeling the panoramas of most roads (views, landscapes and more ...).
- New intersections heading to Bahia Tortugas and Punta Abreojos.
- New Mexican signaling (indispensable HBS Resources).
- Remodeling complete of LA PAZ and CABO SAN LUCAS. P16 author
- Error correction
- Change in the names of commercial establishments Ex. (OXXO = OTXO)
- DLC New Mexico and Oregon DLC is necessary

Changes in v2.5.9:
- adapted to the latest patch 1.39.x
- version map downgroaded from v2.5.8 to v2.0.8
- changed name map in: Viva Mexico Legacy

Tested on game version 1.39.x
Screenshots Mod
Viva Mexico Map v2.5.9 (1.39.x) for ATS Viva Mexico Map v2.5.9 (1.39.x) for ATS Viva Mexico Map v2.5.9 (1.39.x) for ATS

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  1. chris foley 24 May 2020 03:31 | 0 | 0
    what to add mexico to my game what do i need to get that to happen

    1. Kalryn 28 February 2021 04:07 | 0 | 0
      There are plenty on youtube videos on how to add mods to American Truck Simulator