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V Core Graphics Enhancer v3.8 for GTA 5

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V Core Graphics Enhancer v3.8 for GTA 5
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Category - GTA V other mods
Version - v.1180.1
Credits: - Whats a Username?

Description about V Core Graphics Enhancer v3.8 for GTA 5:

Download mod V Core Graphics Enhancer v3.8 for GTA 5 | Grand Theft Auto V game.

Welcome to my Graphics Modification for GTA V!

Enhanced via:


Version 3.6:

- Updated for VisualV 1.0.350
- Darker Nights
- Stronger Lighting Effects
- Changes on the Colors
- Natural Transition between Night and Day and vice versa.
- Fixed the glowing Buildings at Night.
- Deactivated Depth of Field by default
- more minor changes

Version 3.7:

Hunter Graphics

This Version is the Result of experimenting with a few Reshade Techniques for my new Map, which i will upload in a couple of hours or tommorow. The Map is located in the Forest and i was not satisfied with the Visuals. Too bright and not like a Night in the Forest should be.
I love this new Version and it´s probably my best work so far in terms of the Basics of the Graphics like i want to play the Game with and it reminds me a bit of the 2011 Trailer and the mindblowing Atmosphere it has.^^
But there are a few things i could not fix yet and without to destroy the Visuals how i like them. If i make any further progress, i will upload it of course.:)
I hope you like it and please keep in mind, that i will try to make it even more enjoyable in the future. Be careful, because this version really is addictive!lol

Version 3.8: 
V CGE is now compatible with NVR and the latest Version of Visual V. You need to install both or it will not look like on the screens.
Changes made on the brightness and colors. Enjoy.

The amazing and photorealistic Textures comes from "L.A. Vegetation 2.0." You have to install it for a better and more realistic and natural Vision of the Vegetation around the World of V. It´s really good. Credits to cryhd for his hard work.

How to activate DOF?

Open the McFX File in the Reshade Folder and change this line

#define USE_DEPTHOFFIELD 0 //[DOF] //-

to this

#define USE_DEPTHOFFIELD 1 //[DOF] //-

Deactivate Dof ingame with Numpad 9.

Keep the Ingame Brightness at 50% for this Version!

Previous Versions and many other Options included.

Hope you like it. Tell me what do you think about this Version in the comments. Thanks.;)

If you want a more balanced and natural Graphics Modification, then try my new one called TrueVision. TrueVision is the result of what i´ve learnt all the past time with V CGE. It is the Final Version of it. You can dowloand it here:



First download and install ENB v0.275 and Reshade 1.1.0f1 and read the Description of both on how to install.

After that drag all the Files from my Reshade Folder to the Reshade Folder in the Gta V Main Directory you installed before.

Copy the Files from the Enb Folder in the Main Directory and replace all the Files.



ENB v0.275  and RESHADE 1.1.0f1 and Visual V.


If you want it to look like on the Screenshots, you have to install several HD Texture Mods.

Recommended Mods:




High End PC recommended! But if you have a good configured PC not overloaded with all kinds of crap software and decent power, you should be able to play it with this Graphics Modification installed, with stable 24 or 30 FPS at Normal/High Settings.

Thanks to all the people who participate in the one or another way, like the Authors of Visual V and many others, who created amazing Texture Modifications and the People from Open IV, ENB and Reshade of course. Credits to all those great people and to all of you, who supported me in the comments from the beginning of this journey, god bless you all. V CGE would not be possible without all of them!;)

I will give my best to make it even more enjoyable in the future. But keep in mind, that i have yet to learn a lot more, to make it even more realistic or beautiful. I`am aware of all the other nice and realistic graphics Mods out there, made by great people and Artists and there should be no reasons to envy. We all are part of a amazing community and everyone does their best, to make a great game, even greater.

Tested in game version v.1180.1
Screenshots Mod
V Core Graphics Enhancer v3.8 for GTA 5 V Core Graphics Enhancer v3.8 for GTA 5 V Core Graphics Enhancer v3.8 for GTA 5
Gameplay / Videos:

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