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Coop Mission Rescue Map v1.0 for CSGO

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Coop Mission Rescue Map v1.0 for CSGO
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Category - CSGO maps
Version Game - CS:GO
Credits: - CTX

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Download mod Coop Mission Rescue Map v1.0 for CSGO | Counter Strike: Global Offensive game.

A simple passing map called coop_mission_rescue for CS: GO. It will fit up to six players at a time. On this map you can play both alone and with friends. But it's better to play with the company! Purpose of the map: to escape from a skyscraper. You will need to blow up the doors, ride the elevator, meet the falling enemies.

The map for completing Coop Mission Rescue for CS GO is the simplest map where each of you can feel the taste of something new. The maximum number of players in one cooperative battle is 6 people, no more.

Tips on the Coop Mission Rescure map for CS GO:
- Be sure to activate the tips in the game to understand the essence of your mission;
- do not forget that by default on the terrain “sv_cheats” is active, warn friends and do not use cheats;
- sv_Cheats can be disabled, but this will disable the effect of time dilation;
- the team of terrorists should have 5 bots, if this is not so, add them.

Otherwise, everything is fairly standard. Create a lobby, invite friends and have fun on the map for passing coop_mission_rescue for CS GO.

1. Click on the "Subscribe" button and wait until it downloads
2. Create a lobby, invite friends, press "Play" - "Workshop Maps", choose this map and start the game

- Enable game instructor messeges to know what to do on map (Options - Game settings - Enable Instructor Messeges - Yes)
- The map has sv_cheats 1 for default. So tell your friend not to cheat!
- You can turn off sv_cheats, but you will have no slowmotion!
- Make sure you have 5 bots in T team. If not - type in console "bot_add_t", and add bots to 5
- Don't sit together on 1 seat (car). Stay away from each other when you're trying to sit

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Coop Mission Rescue Map v1.0 for CSGO Coop Mission Rescue Map v1.0 for CSGO Coop Mission Rescue Map v1.0 for CSGO
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