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fiber_smart_recordSCS Trailer Patch v2.2 for Ets2 [1.37.x]

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SCS Trailer Patch v2.2 for Ets2 [1.37.x]

Category - ETS 2 trailers

Version Game - 1.37.x
Credits: - Bora, Kamaz

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SCS Trailer Patch v2.2 for Ets2 1.37.x game version

New version 2.2:
- Updated for 1.37.x game version

Both stand-alone trailers and replacing runoff
- 100 different refrigerated trailers;
- 80 different tilt trailers;
- 20 different Box trailers;
- 40 different container trailers;
- 10 different tanks;
- 10 different trailers of glass vessels;
- 10 different low-load trailers;
- 1 trailer loader;
- 1 with the trailer platform;
- Lifting axles;
- Registered in traffic.

SCS: Base trailers
Kamaz: Rebuild of flatbed trailer
Bora: Rebuild of almost all trailers

Kamaz: Tyre, rim
Ventures: High poly wheel for texture rendering
Bora: Rim, hub

SCS: Basic textures
Google: Light, reflector textures
Good-Year: Tyre textures
Jegge: Skins, licenseplates
Nordish: Skins, licenseplates
Kaeseschuh: Skins
Edobeted: Skins
Reyhan: Skins
Arnook: Skins
MrAnthony: Skins 
Kamaz: AO texture, Reskins of Log trailer (logs), and Truck transport trailer
Bora: Skins, AO texture

Def: Buchhave: Calculating & adding trailer cargo files

Templates for skinningDownload
SCS Trailer Patch v2.2 for Ets2 [1.37.x] SCS Trailer Patch v2.2 for Ets2 [1.37.x] SCS Trailer Patch v2.2 for Ets2 [1.37.x]

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