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Classic Ghouls Replacer v1.0 for Fallout 4

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Classic Ghouls Replacer v1.0 for Fallout 4
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Category - Fallout 4
Version - Fallout 4
Credits: - TheFriedturkey, HcG x Grill

Description about Classic Ghouls Replacer v1.0 for Fallout 4:

Download mod Classic Ghouls Replacer v1.0 for Fallout 4 game.

This is my latest project, Its a full new ghoul remake for Fallout 4 in the style of Fallout 3. This is a completely new model and sculpt made from scratch, it comes with custom facial morphs for facial animation with faceBones for customisation ingame. I also featured my wasteland outfit i made a while back on here to since I feel it goes really well with this, a ton of work went into sculpting and texturing this and getting the otherall shape and anatomy right and it payed off.

I really wanted this to be decent mile stone in my journey as a artist, I originally thought this was impossible to get working outside of CW but with a hell of a lot of help from my friend HcG x Grill we managed between us to get it working, not flawlessly but at a usable level. I will say that there is a lot behind the seens stuff that goes one which may cause bugs since this isnt a retexture its a full new model so the body mesh is completely different from vanilla so we had to do some stuff to get it to show the ghoul body on outfits rather then the vanilla. I mean there was probably a easier way around it but i wanted the challege and to create something unique that i can call my own and not just a body retexture. 

To be able to pull this off we had to do a lot of work in the CK, basically we had to manually edit every outfit in the game without touching the NIFs, so we basically had to find a way to cull out the existing arms and put the new ones in place. So not to go into detail I had to make some separate pieces we equip to the ghoul depending on the outfit using keywords and for compatibillity with other outfits these keywords will need to be added in a patch. Any mod authors wanting to do this id be happy to help.

Features Classic Ghouls Replacer:
 - Replaces all vanilla non-feral ghouls with the classic style from 3 and NV
- Full Dismemberment 
 - Hand sculpted details
- Completely new mesh and race to avoid conflicts
 - Custom facial animations (.tri)
 - Fallout 3 style underwear
 - Redone custom faces for NPCS
Features Classic Ghouls - Nuka World Patch:
- New Glowing ghoul for Oswald the Outrageous
- Compatibility for all nuka world outfits

*This requires nuka world and the base mod*

Known Bugs
Changing Outfits on a Generic Ghoul Settler causes their arms/legs to show the human texture. This issue fixes itself when you fast travel away.

Screenshots Mod
Classic Ghouls Replacer v1.0 for Fallout 4 Classic Ghouls Replacer v1.0 for Fallout 4 Classic Ghouls Replacer v1.0 for Fallout 4
Gameplay / Videos:

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