Zombie Mod v3.0 for CSGO

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Zombie Mod v3.0 for CSGO
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Version - CS:GO
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Description about Zombie Mod v3.0 for CSGO:

Download mod plugin Zombie Mod v3.0 for CSGO | Counter Strike: Global Offensive game.

The mod for CS: GO - Zombie Mod v. 3 (Zombie server) - the most recent mod for the zombie server. If you do everything by using the instructions below, you can get a fully-fledged working server with a zombie mode. Today, the current day of the zombie server is the most active and interesting mode of the server for the game. 

Zombie Mod is a great idea for your server. 

To get started, you need: 
1. Download the clean server for cs: go 
2. Download the SourceMod from version 1.3.5 and higher, then put it here / ... / csgo / 
3. Download the Metamod: source and etc ... / 
4. Download the MetaMod.vdf file to / / / csgo / addons / 
5. Download the cam ZOmbie-MoD (downy) 

Install the Zombie Mod [CS: GO]:
Install Zombie Mod [CS: GO]:
- 1. Put everything in folders:
csgo / addons / zombiemod / bin / zombie_mm.dll
csgo / addons / zombiemod / bin / zombie_mm_i486.so
csgo / cfg / zombiemod / models.cfg
csgo / cfg / zombiemod / downloads.cfg
csgo / models / player / zombiemod / * Six Models 36 Files *
csgo / materials / models / player / zombiemod / * Three Materials *
csgo / materials / skybox / * Six materials *
csgo / sound / ambient / zombiemod / zombie_ambient.mp3

- 2. Configure Zombie-MoD in the file zombiemod.cfg

- 3. Further to the csgo / addons / metamod / metaplugins.ini file and write the following there: addons / zombiemod / bin / zombie_mm

- 4.Save and close metaplugins.ini

- 5.To verify that the mod is turned on and working in the console, write meta list.
Screenshots Mod
Zombie Mod v3.0 for CSGO Zombie Mod v3.0 for CSGO Zombie Mod v3.0 for CSGO
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