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Pack Tractors MTZ 80/82/510/512 v1.3 for FS17

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Pack Tractors MTZ 80/82/510/512 v1.3 for FS17
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Category - Tractors FS 17
Version - 1.5.x
Credits: - Bear Farm

Description about Pack Tractors MTZ 80/82/510/512 v1.3 for FS17:

Download mod agricultural Pack Tractors MTZ 80/82/510/512 v1.3 for FS17 | Farming Simulator 17 game.

The modification has a large number of scripts, including IC (interactive control), so if you are negative about this point, then do not waste your time downloading the mod.
The modification has high resolution textures, but FPS drawdowns were not noticed. Nevertheless, in the near future, owners of weak machines will be able to download the version of the modification with “stiff” textures.
At the moment, the mode is divided into 4 tractors (seen in the screenshot).

Features Pack Tractors MTZ 80/82/510/512:
-МТЗ-80 and МТЗ-82 are completely identical, except for PVM.
-The same situation with MTZ-510 and MTZ-512.
But these modifications have their own distinctive features.
– At the MTZ-80/82 you can put a heater on the hood, put protective mesh on the glass and lights, paint the various parts of the tractor in different colors.
– On the MTZ-510/512, you can install a roof and a story on it (it slightly shakes in the wind), as well as a mask can be hung on the hood, paint the different parts of the tractor in different colors.
– On all tractors in front you can put: a tow loop, a counterweight bracket (without it the counterweight will not hang), install the front linkage.
– You can install / remove the front fenders.
– On all tractors there are different types of wheels (from conventional, to semi-track).
– MTZ-82/82 has 3 variants of the engine, each has its own distinctive sound.
– MTZ-510/512 has a choice of four engines (by the engines that are on 80/82 there is a D-244 engine, for 57 hp)
– When changing the engine, its visual part (both the engine and the hood under the turbine) is changing.
– If you put the front loader on the tractor, the headlights will move into the hood (the heater on the hood will also be dressed accordingly)
– In the fashion open the door, hatch, rear window (with all the accompanying animations and sound).
– If the game is raining, the janitor is listless, but confidently waving back and forth.
– When the engine is running, everything is spinning, spinning and vibrating.

Changes in v1.3:
- The control body of the STOLL wheel loader (default) 
- joystick. Appears only when installing the STOLL front loader mount. 
- Added PKU "Barnaul-0.8." So far, without its towing equipment (added as part of an open test to identify and correct errors). 
- Fixed physics on all tractors. 
- Fixed attachments of the rear linkage. 
- Fixed points IC (interactive). Now when you open the doors, you do not need to look for a point to close them, both outside and inside the cabin. 
- Added rear view mirrors. 
- Added mudguards to the rear wings. 
- Reworked engine texture. 
- A device showing turbine boost has been added for the D-245-06 ICE. 
- Various XML fixes

Tested on game version 1.5.x 
Screenshots Mod
Pack Tractors MTZ 80/82/510/512 v1.3 for FS17 Pack Tractors MTZ 80/82/510/512 v1.3 for FS17 Pack Tractors MTZ 80/82/510/512 v1.3 for FS17

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