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fiber_smart_recordWatch Your Death Mod v4.3.1 for GTA 5

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Watch Your Death Mod v4.3.1 for GTA 5

Category - GTA V other mods

Version Game - v1.50+
Credits: - IAmJFry

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Reason: Mod Updated to v4.3.1
Download Watch Your Death Mod v4.3.1 for GTA 5 | Grand Theft Auto V game.

Watch Your Death - removes the "Wasted" screen and allows you to watch your death then revive yourself afterwards.

Increased Health: 
- Changes the players current and max health
- Player is "dead" when under a certain health value (player still only has the default health amount)
- Forces the ragdoll when the player is "dead"
- Forces a death animation while in vehicles otherwise the player will still remain alive
- If you want to use Director Mode or record in first person, then this version is the only one that'll work for that unfortunately

Disables Script: 
- Disables the respawn script to prevent the player from respawning or showing the wasted screen
- Uses default health values and when the player dies, the game actually registers this which is why some things don't work such as dying in first person view or dying while in Director Mode
- Recording still seems to work and I put some code in place to allow recording while you're dead since this is disabled by default
- When reviving, the player instantly stands up and if too close to another ped or vehicle, it'll cause that entity to vanish (not much of a choice here because if I don't do it a certain way then it breaks the game until you respawn at the hospital)
- This version is more so a lighter version and doesn't do anything extra but gives a more vanilla GTA V feel compared to the other version

Changes in v4.3.1:
- Should have the issue with the player resetting when dead fixed. (Happens mainly for me from melee but should hopefully be fixed either way)
- Fixed some of the bugs that occurred while playing missions. (Characters randomly died when switching between them or coming out of cutscenes)

  Tested in game version v1.50+
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Watch Your Death Mod v4.3.1 for GTA 5 Watch Your Death Mod v4.3.1 for GTA 5 Watch Your Death Mod v4.3.1 for GTA 5

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