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West of Honduras Map v6.6 (1.49.x) for ATS

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West of Honduras Map v6.6 (1.49.x) for ATS
Category - ATS Maps
Version game - 1.49.x
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Download mod West of Honduras Map v6.6 (1.49.x) for ATS | American Truck Simulator game.

Info about the mod:
A great addition added to the game American Truck Simulator is Mod West of Honduras Map for 1.49.x game version, which can be downloaded for free and without registration. You can also see other maps from the category Maps for American Truck Simulator or go to the main section ATS mods.

West of Honduras Map - is a real scale map from the west part of Honduras added in ATS game for free to play and download. According to the authors, the new truck released by SCS Software ,,International Lonestar" can be purchased in the town of San Jerónimo.

Features West of Honduras Map:
- Includes 26 “cities”.
- Custom trailers skins
- Custom models
- New depots
- A lot of dirt roads
- Added New Villages to the Map: San Nicolás, La Libertad, San Antonio, Tierra Blanca, Las Pavas, Los Ranchos.
- Rebuilt the towns of: Dulce Nombre, Veracruz, Trinidad, San José, La Jigua, San Jerónimo.
- Replaced the texture of the Road
- 4 extreme route roads added to the map
- 1 Hidden Route (accessed by San Jerónimo)
- Added skins of Central American or American companies common in the area.
- Added the option to show the price of merchandise and earnings in local currency.
- Added advertising signs to the largest cities
- Error solution in companies and garages.
- Improvement of performance in wooded areas.
- 100% Compatible with DIRECTX 11
- Signalized the entire road
- Added points of interest to the map in deviations to towns.
- Added speed bumps on each road detour.
- 3 New custom companies
- New Animated objects
- New concrete barriers on the road.

Changes in v6.6:
- Adapted to the latest game patch 1.49;
- Visual corrections in the El Portillo area
- Corrections in the Entrance
- Optimization of Honduran Trailer Traffic
- Small corrections to the Highway from Santa Rosa to Cucuyagua.
- Fixed the issue where some textures would look blurry.
- New skins for 53 foot dry box trailers
- New gasoline trailer skins
- New trailer added to traffic (Cortina Trailer) with skins for soft drinks and Honduran beers.
- Added 2 new companies in El Portillo and 1 workshop.
- Added 3 sugarcane companies to the map (It will take a sugarcane trailer to carry loads).
Located in: El Paraíso, Copán | Florida | Chalmeca
- Increased the probability of traffic, use command: g_traffic 3 for a high probability but not too much.
- New trailers and buses are now likely to appear parked in various areas of the map.
- Minor tweaks to other parts of the map.

Tested on game version 1.49.x
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West of Honduras Map v6.6 (1.49.x) for ATS West of Honduras Map v6.6 (1.49.x) for ATS West of Honduras Map v6.6 (1.49.x) for ATS

Changes in v6.3 (1.47.x):
- Adapted to the latest game patch 1.47;
- New City: Ocotepeque;
- New difficult road at El Portillo area;
- Rework of the road between San Jeronimo and Florida;
- Added new trucks to the traffic;
- Fixed some problems with 1.47 version;
- Increased the traffic in some areas (use command g_traffic 4 for better experience).
Download #1 | Download #2

Changes in v6.2 (1.46.x):
- Added the following locations: Piedra Negra, El Achiotal, Lucerna, La Labor, San Marcos, El Portillo, Joconal, Trascerros.
- Rebuilt the section between San Nicolás and Trinidad, Copán.
- Added 1 new company in Trinidad, Cucuyagua, and Quimistán.
- Added 2 new companies in El Higuito.
- Forest Machinery & Volvo Construction DLC loadouts are now available in some parts of the map.
- Added small details to some old routes on the map.
- Added new garages and gas stations between Florida and Santa Rita.
- Added a temporary background of the satellite map.
- Optimization of Tierra Blanca.
- Fixed the bug that removed the pine vegetation from the map.
- Fixed the error of crashes due to insufficient memory (minimum 8 gb ram).
- Added the first section of El Portillo, the highest road in Honduras, located at more than 2000 meters above sea level.
- Changed the color of the Honduran flag on trucks and loading screens.
- The road textures have been returned to their classic style.
- Bug fixes for version 6.0 and 6.1 
Download #1 | Download #2 | Download #3

Changes in v5.0 (1.46.x):
- Adapted to the latest game patch 1.46;
- Fixed bugs from previous version.
Download #1 | Download #2 | Download #3

Changes in v4.1 (1.39.x):
- Updated to 1.39 version full compatibility
- Reworked Old Areas and Crosses
- Reworked San Jeronimo
- Added 2 extreme roads in San Jeronimo
- Added 5 new cities and villages
- Added secondary roads
- New Custom Models
- Traffic Fix
- Minimum changes in the def files for better performance 
Download #1

Changes in v4.0:
- Added 6 new towns
- Improved traffic sounds
- Optimized old areas with enough vegetation
- New and more realistic road textures
- Added new house models
- Reduced traffic on narrow roads
- New companies
- New traffic added to the map
- Recreased landscapes
- Added potholes and patches on rough roads
- Fixed game crashes on some users
- Adapted only to version 1.38x
Download #1

Changes in v3.1:
- Corrected the error that caused the game to close in Santa Isabel.
- Corrected the Ruins of Copan
- Added MACK dealership in Copan Ruinas 

Download #1  Download #2  Download #3 

Changes in v3.0:
- New Aggregate Cities (La Castellona, El Higuito, Chiquila, El Jaral, Santa Rita, Copán Ruinas)
- An additional place of interest (EL PUENTE)
- The schedule now runs as in time in reality; that is, for every minute in real life, the same in the game.
- Bus terminals have been added in certain cities and tourist spots in the Department of Copán.
- New Honduran Models thanks to Nelson Gomez.
- Added touches on previous parts of the map.

Download #1 

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