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Ultra Particle Mod v1.6 for SnowRunner

Category - SnowRunner Mods

Version Game - v4.7
Credits: - VAXIS

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Reason: Mod Updated to v1.6
Download Ultra Particle Mod v1.6 for SnowRunner game.

Ultra Particle Mod - this mod gives some additional tweaks to the game. All these tweaks will bring a more enjoyable experience for gamers who really enjoy real simulator games. 

Features mod Ultra Particle Mod:
* More mud particles that last for 400 seconds.
* Mud now collides with wheels with more friction.
* Mud is now up scaled by 0.2% (More mud than vanilla-game)
* Leaves from broken trees and bushes now fall onto the ground and can now also collide with wheels!!
I added collision code to the xml's (leaves would fall through the map in vanilla game)
* Exhaust last 5% longer than vanilla.
* Wet Mud splashes on the ground/snow last forever.
* Grass particles is now also present.
* Twigs from bushes now last for ever and will also collide with wheels.
* Snow particles from snowy wheater will not disappear and can even collect on top of vehicle.

Changes in v1.6:
- Added option for "running on coal"
- Cleaned up folders. 

Tested on game version v4.7
Ultra Particle Mod v1.6 for SnowRunner Ultra Particle Mod v1.6 for SnowRunner Ultra Particle Mod v1.6 for SnowRunner

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