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fiber_smart_recordR-Physics MOD v1.0 for SnowRunner

Zagruzka 09/05/20 221
R-Physics MOD v1.0 for SnowRunner

Category - SnowRunner Mods

Version Game - v4.7
Credits: - VAXIS

Download R-Physics MOD v1.0 for SnowRunner game.

R-Physics MOD - recycles the most diverse aspects of the game in SnowRunner. This mod adds over 20 tweaked files to improve the simulation.

Features mod R-Physics MOD:
- 40% Increased lifetime on particles. (40 sec)
- 19% increased lifetime on exhaust smoke. (19 sec)
- 3% denser exhaust smoke. (thicker)
- Leaves from bushes are now “boxed physics-based”. (they can now collide with ground and wheels)
- Increased visibility of snow particles. (denser snowy weather)
- Increased the lifetime of how long the vehicle stay dirty. (mud splashes)

What Is it?
- This is a Redux of my previous mod “Ultra Particle Mod
- Ultra Particle mod will be discontinued and R-Physics will take its place.
- Due to several problems with the previous mod, it was best to redo the mod.

Tweaks To Meet The Limit:
Lifetime values have been decreased to meet the memory that the game’s engine currently supports, this furthers stability and a bug-free experience.Exhaust no longer disappears after 10 minutes due to memory limit, and particles now last a reasonable 40 seconds. instead of previous 400 seconds! (what was I thinking?!)

How do I install it? (MANUAL INSTALL ONLY!)
1: Download the ZIP file.
2: Go to the game’s install folder: “C:/User/EpicGames/SnowRunner/en/_us/preload/paks/client”

3: Make A Backup Of “initial.pak”!
4: Replace the “initial.pak” with the one you downloaded.
5: Play.

Tested on game version v4.7
Screenshots Mod
R-Physics MOD v1.0 for SnowRunner R-Physics MOD v1.0 for SnowRunner R-Physics MOD v1.0 for SnowRunner

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