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Realism Overhaul v1.1 for SnowRunner

Category - SnowRunner Mods

Version Game - v4.8
Credits: - WolFRocK

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Reason: Mod Updated to v1.1
Download mod Realism Overhaul v1.1 for SnowRunner game.

Realism Overhaul - The mod is global, many changes are affected, installation is possible only by replacing the initial.pak file I don’t have time to take a photo and everything is impossible to fit in photos. Sorry for the short description, I do not speak English. You better install and try it personally If you find errors, please report. If you have any suggestions for improvement, write to me.

Features mod Realism Overhaul:
  • All vehicles added: engines, gearboxes, suspensions, wheels (not very large)
  • Tuned: engines, gearboxes, suspensions, wheels
  • Unlocked additional accessories (you can remove everything and put)
  • Slightly increased winches length (different winches have different power and length)
  • The weight of the load increases (now it really feels like you are carrying a heavy load)
  • The dirt has been increased (increase the amount of dirt after rain and snow, as well as the amount of dirt falling on the car)
  • Weather have been slightly altered (heavy snow and heavy rain increased, slightly increased light snow and light rain)
  • Exhaust smoke has been slightly increased 
  • Added dynamic weather, added clouds on the horizon 
  • Added trailers 
  • And many other changes...
Changes in v1.1:
- Updated to version 4.9, fix bugs with delivery tasks
- minor fixes and improvements to the transport
- added some improvements and other some fixes 

How to install the mod:

  1. Close your game and be sure to backup your original "initial.pak" file!
  2. Click on the mod size above the description to download the file and unzip with WinRAR
  3. Go to your game directory (i.e. Epic Library\SnowRunner\en_us\preload\paks\client\)
  4. Replace the original initial.pak file with my modified initial.pak file.

Tested on game version v4.8
Screenshots Mod
Realism Overhaul v1.1 for SnowRunner

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