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New Street Phone Missions v4.3 for GTA 5

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New Street Phone Missions v4.3 for GTA 5
Category - GTA V other mods
Version game - v1.60+
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Reason: Mod Updated to v4.3
Download mod New Street Phone Missions v4.3 for GTA 5 | Grand Theft Auto V game.

New Street Phone Missions - is a script modification, thanks to which you can launch interesting street missions through a telephone booth. Just go to the telephone box and pick up the phone to start the mission. In new missions, you can see characters you already know, as well as some new friends. The Street Phone Missions offer players a chance to engage in additional content and activities within the vast open-world environment of GTA 5. These missions can be accessed by locating and interacting with designated street payphones scattered throughout the game map. Once a player finds a street payphone, they can answer the phone call, which will initiate a mission or task assigned by an anonymous contact. These missions range from courier deliveries, surveillance operations, high-speed chases, to even more complex criminal activities like heists or assassinations. Each mission presents a different challenge and objective, providing players with a fresh and exciting experience.

Features New Street Phone Missions:
- support for Trucking;
- support for Getaway Driver;
- support for Packages;
- support for Convicts;
- support for Fubar;
- support for Pilot;
- see the full list here.

Changes in v4.31:
- Fixed the snow issue.
- Updated Vehicle lists.


Tested on game version v1.50+
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New Street Phone Missions v4.3 for GTA 5 New Street Phone Missions v4.3 for GTA 5 New Street Phone Missions v4.3 for GTA 5

Changes in v3.51:
  • Overhall of how all of the mod changes to class and registration which now means the yacht and contacts require the NSPM but not the other way around.
  • Less frame rate drops.
  • Seperated Ui from main class to prevent flicker.
  • Added Select all to the Mission selection of NSPMSettings.
  • Fixed broken pilot mission.
  • Reduced damage requirement on happy shopper mission.
  • Removed Change hair cut in agency diamond valet, also added lift noises
  • Fixed out of range error on biker missions.
  • Added dance option on yacht as suggested by gorgonut.
  • Fixed the follow endings for ambush and explode vehicle.
  • Many other fixes and optimizations.

Changes in v3.3:
  • Added NSPMSettings.exe, it is a windows form that sets the otions in the XML files.
  • Reworked Packages now a total time is calculated on furthest distance with bonus time every drop. The clock stops when the delivery vehicle is returned.
  • Fixed a fail to load on Lab Assistant.
  • Removed the movie studio from fubar pick up and drop off as it casued an instant fail.
  • Changed how fubar gets to player if first atempt fails or on second ring the nearest vehicle to player is used.
  • Fixed a fault causing Diamond Valet to fail when the cars haven't been damaged.
  • Added a List checker for Adding custom vehicles which can also be added via settings.exe.
  • Fixed some non working functions in the bullder menu.
  • Fixed the fubar builder test to use nearby drop points and disable the angery taxis.
  • Other fixes and otimization
Download Link 1 | Download Link 2

Changes in v3.2:
  • Fixed Relationship groups had big mix up on how they worked, so atackers attack and passive npcs remain passive.
  • Fixed racist to work with builder missions now giving the correct markers,
  • Re-worked how the ambiant Peds and Vehicles are found.
  • Added a boost to the Bikers Party Bus.
  • When switching the PreLoadOnline option in the menu it will load unload maps on menu close.
  • Changed build mode controls Left/trigger(RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON)+ select key to Left/button (Tab), to make placing stuff easyer.
  • Added an exit to menu option for all parts of the mission builder Left/trigger(RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON)+ Back(R).
  • Added missing aim weappon ui to bogdan.
  • Added reset to last checkpoint option for racist.
  • Fixed the random number generator to not repeat or through an out of range number.
Download #1Download #2

Changes in v3.1:
- Fix Culb customers not going to bar.
- Added a check before loading in club to prevent multi layered club style.
- Re-writen ending to Freefall also added timmer and ped remaning bar.
- Added Free fall to cayo pero missions.
- Re-Added the auto mod feature to contacts peggs and import.
- fixed wrong fubar vectors for deliverwho and facility bikes.
- Added a nag screen at the 14th load to remind players that the mod author would very much appreciate youtube subscriptions, it costs you nothing and motivates us to make more content.
Download #1Download #2

Changes in v2.61:
- Added new vehicles to the vehicle lists;
- fixed missing Phone animation in settings XML.

Changes in v2.4:
- Replaced 'TestMission.XML' with correct version.
- Added markers to builder placement.
- Fixed sub placement for builder missions.
- Fixed randomized bool for random bool elements.
- Added a door find and unlock for debt collect.
Download #1Download #2

Changes in v2.11:
- No more droping F1 cars on you at start, many appolagies. 
Download #1

Changes in v1.81:
- Fixed mod internal error.
- Fixed Prop/Ped/Vehcle spawning to be more stable.
- Fixed a broken prop spawn for yacht drinking.
- Fixed yacht loadup bug when re-running yacht pirate mission.
- Fixed ifruit tasks getting stuck on death/arrest.
- Moved the NSCoin change Pop-up to a Notify.
- added a floating marker to the Baylift cargo.
- added a fail safe for stuck forklift on Baylift.

Changes in v1.71:
- Fixed the follow mission non fail on distance breach.
- Fixed OP attacks on Import Export.
- Added Damage to follow, collect vehicle.
- Fixed silent crash on Pilot Brrrrt.
- Fixed silent crash when keeping the Johnny vehicle delivery.
- Fixed missing marker for enviromentalists on Pilot crop dusting.
- Added some pre set outfits to Yacht Wardrobe/Attackin Player Peds Big thinks to "I'm Not MentaL" and "abstractmode" for providing Freemode outfits.

Changes in v1.5:
- Re-worked the options xml into an options menu.
- Made loading in more compatable with Random Start.
- Removed death/arrest option (is now just set to on) and added a prevent rockstart capture option.
- Fixed fire cat mission fail, where the cat owner dies or flees from player.
- Fixed the message instructions to Notification when bSubtitles are set to false.

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