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Pack Tuning Renault Range T v1.1 (1.49.x) for ETS2

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Pack Tuning Renault Range T v1.1 (1.49.x) for ETS2
Category - ETS 2 other mods
Version game - 1.49.x
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Pack Tuning - a large set of accesories and tuning options added for the stock truck Renault T from the game. A large set of new accesories was added for ETS2 players. It is designed to improve and enhance the gameplay experience for Renault Range T trucks. This pack includes various changes and upgrades to the truck, such as new lights, spoilers, engines, transmissions, and more. It also adds new skins and customization options for players to personalize their trucks. 

Features Pack Tuning:
- 71 new colors;
- 7 low chassis;
- New wings;
- 2 new sun visors;
- 6 Frontgrill (2 colors and chrome options);
- 5 rudders (paint, red / yellow / blue / gray Danish);
- 3 high tailpipes (chrome, painted and black);

- 6 Frontgrill (2 Variants Paint & Chrome);
- 5 Steering Wheel (paint, red/yellow/blue/grey danish);
- 5 New Colours (BERLIET Brands);
- Front Bumper blade with led bar -> Template inclued;
- 5 New Cabin Reflector: (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue & Black);
- 2 New roof spoiler (Chrome & Plastic);
- 2 New cabin deflector (Chrome & Plastic);
- New rear lights;
- And other details.

Changes in v1.1:
— Adapted to the latest game patch 1.49;
— Updated missing sunshield textures
— Bugs fixes

Tested on game version 1.49.x 
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Pack Tuning Renault Range T v1.1 (1.49.x) for ETS2 Pack Tuning Renault Range T v1.1 (1.49.x) for ETS2 Pack Tuning Renault Range T v1.1 (1.49.x) for ETS2

Changes in v1.0 (1.48.x):
— Adapted to the latest game patch 1.48;
— Fixed missing materials
— Fixed UI icons
— Updated the headlights

Download Link 1Download Link 2 

Changes in v0.8 (1.43.x):
- Fixed bugs in the game log;
- Added many new engines (DTI 5, DTI 8, DXI 11, NGT 9 and EE9 (mack V8 / Magnum);
- Added new light: DRL orange, DRL and fog lights orange and fog lights orange;
- Added a lot of rear mudguards;
- Added many new skins.

Download Link 1 

Changes in v0.4b:
– Renault Racing Sport interior standalone
– Sticker Bomb interior standalone
– 2 New standalone steering wheel
– New parts skinnable
– Added slots on paint sunshield
– Added 11 SAVIEM colours (86 Coulours)
– Filter Paint standalone -> Template inclued
– 1 New Cabin Reflector (Paint) 

Download Link 1 

Changes in v0.3b:
- 5 new colors (BERLIET brands);
- Front bumper with LED strip;
- 5 new cockpit reflectors: (red, yellow, green, blue and black);
- 2 new roof spoilers (chrome and plastic);
- 2 new cockpit deflectors (chrome and plastic);
- 7 lanterns;
- 3 front BERLIET logos (paint, chrome and plastic) -> Template included;
- Compatible with: BOREMAN LED, SCS LED, HELLA DB.

Download Link 1 

Changes in v0.2b:
– 1 Yellow Light
– 7 Low Chassis
– Numberplate standalone
– 3 High Pipes (Chrome, Painted & Black) -> TRLR_CABLES
– Orange DRL (Standalone Light)
– 6 Frontgrill (2 Variants Paint & Chrome)
– 5 Steering Wheel (paint, red/yellow/blue/grey danish)

Download Link 1 

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