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fiber_smart_recordCyber Engine Tweaks v1.14 for Cyberpunk 2077

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Cyber Engine Tweaks v1.14 for Cyberpunk 2077

Category - Cyberpunk 2077 Mods

Version Game - v1.23
Credits: - yamashi

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Reason: Mod Updated to v1.14
Download mod Cyber Engine Tweaks v1.14 for Cyberpunk 2077 game.

Cyber Engine Tweaks - is a framework giving modders a way to script mods using Lua with access to all the internal scripting features, it also comes with a UI to configure the different mods you are using or using the console directly. It also adds some in game patches for quality of life (for example it fixed the security flaw that was then fixed with the 1.12 patch of the game), all of which can be enabled/disabled through the settings menu or config files. 

Features Cyber Engine Tweaks:
- Debug Menu;
- Skip start menu;
- Remove pedestrians and traffic;
- Disable Async Compute;
- Disable Antialiasing TAA;
- Console (Adds an overlay to draw a console so you can write any kind of script command (full Lua support)).

Changes in v1.14:
- Fixed disappearing footsteps issue.
- The issue still can occur if the mods do not properly release the player reference.
- The GetMod() is only available after onInit as there is no guarantee that the required mod will be loaded before this event.
- Types and functions that rely on RTTI are only available after onInit event to prevent some unwanted crashes and unexpected behavior.
- Improved detection of whether the game is running. Prevents more crashes when exiting the game.
- Implemented optional parameters support. Prevents some unexpected crashes.
- Fixed DumpType("Type") returning empty result.
- Fixed crash when accessing properties of invalid Enum, eg.'', '').value.
- Fixed crash when setting an incompatible value for an object property.
- Fixed crash when calling function with out parameters of Enum, CName or TweakDBID type.
- Fixed memory leaks when passing strong or weak references to the function.
- Fixed memory leaks when invalid parameters passed to the function.
- Fixed memory leaks for function results and out parameters of certain types.
- Fixed memory leaks when creating new objects.
- Fixed memory leaks when setting object properties.
- Fixed memory leak for arrays with elements of certain types passed as an argument.
- Fixed a crash when passing an incompatible array as an argument. For example, an array of numbers instead of an array of handles.
- Fixed memory leak when passing an object instead of an array as an argument. This resulted in a silent crash without calling ResetAllocator.
- Fixed inconsistent self and random crashes in Observe and Override.
- Reverted Override() to the previous behavior so when the handler fails, the original game function is not called.
- Added implicit conversion from Int64/UInt64 to other arithmetic types.
- Added type safety checks for Int64/UInt64.
- Added recursive freeing of arrays.
- Added logging for errors occurred in the module loaded with require(). Should make the transition to the new version less painful.

Tested on game version v1.23
Screenshots Mod
Cyber Engine Tweaks v1.14 for Cyberpunk 2077 Cyber Engine Tweaks v1.14 for Cyberpunk 2077 Cyber Engine Tweaks v1.14 for Cyberpunk 2077

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