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Enhanced Blood Textures v1.01 for Fallout 4

Category - Fallout 4

Version Game - v1.10.163+
Credits: - dDefinder

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Download mod Enhanced Blood Textures v1.01 for Fallout 4 game.

Enhanced Blood Textures (EBT) - will change and improve the textures of blood in Fallout 4, the author tried on these textures and presented several options to choose from, make the blood in the game more effective and noticeable. The mod itself replaces the standard textures of blood with new ones, also changes some effects, the author has created 5 variants, varieties of this mod, so that you can adjust the blood for yourself.

Features Enhanced Blood Textures:
Basic version features:
- Replaces combat blood splatter, screen blood, and decapitation spurts
- Increased blood amount. All hits and decapitation effects will now cause more blood stains
- New wounds: blunt, bladed, claws, unarmed, and energy weapons
- Increased screen blood size with shorter duration
- Fix bloodstain creature glitch
- Improved vanilla hand-placed blood decals

- Optional files for subtle screen blood, color, and splatters
- Includes alternate blood splatters which are more realistic focused

Standard version features:
- Blood pools
- Additional blood stains from hits and torso explosions
- Blood trails when at low health
- Robots and synths will bleed oil
- Spasms for dying characters
- Brawl bug fix
- Includes basic version features
*WIP. There are current limitations with the scripted decal placement. Most surfaces will not get any scripted blood decals on them and will appear cutoff.

Changes in v1.01:
- Added Limited Blood Decals optional plugin. This will revert the decal amount to vanilla that can improve performance on lower end systems. (can be used with both versions of the mod).

Tested on game version v1.10.163+
Enhanced Blood Textures v1.01 for Fallout 4 Enhanced Blood Textures v1.01 for Fallout 4 Enhanced Blood Textures v1.01 for Fallout 4

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