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Bloody Realistic - HD Blood Textures (4k, 2k, 1k) for Fallout 4

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Bloody Realistic - HD Blood Textures (4k, 2k, 1k) for Fallout 4
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Category - Fallout 4
Version - Fallout 4
Credits: - Nikonthenet

Description about Bloody Realistic - HD Blood Textures (4k, 2k, 1k) for Fallout 4:

This is a standalone mod, to replace vanilla blood textures with HD versions that includes true object lighting, volume, ripples & bubbles. Available in 4k, 4kPERFORMANCE, 2k and 1k.

It is a sister mod to its bigger brother, that provides 4 random textures: 'Bloody Mess - EBT ADD-ON'

I've currently completed the Humanoid Blood texture, but plan to do more. I'm also planning to upload some alternative 'patterns' to suit different player preferences. If you have suggestions or requests, please post.


For the wasteland survivor in us all, I present 'Bloody Realistic' vanilla blood texture replacer! 
-A high quality, very realistic blood texture pack that oozes grim post-apoc reality.

This texture pack has been designed to provide a more realistic & brutal atmosphere to your post-apocalyptic raiding...I mean scavenging -the patterns look like high calibre weapons and grim melee combat has taken place. The blood is thick, frothy and has volume.  Rather than the flat 'droplets' most blood textures provide, these textures look and feel visceral and high impact -blood pooling and arterial spray. Not for the squeamish!

These textures work best with realistic damage mods, and realistic rag doll force.

Bloody Realistic replaces 3 graphics files , which can be installed and removed without causing harm to your game or save files. This mod contains no .esp plugin file and no need for FOEdit or TESnip in its construction. Its perfectly safe.


Best to use NMM and keep track of updates!

Manual - Copy the textures folder into your Data folder.


Simply disable and un-install in NMM.

Manual - Remove the files from your data>textures>decals game folder.


If you are using other mods that change vanilla Blood Textures, you will have to install this mod after the others and allow it to overwrite.

  • 'Silver/Grey' Blood?

A few people reported 'silver / grey' looking blood, under certain lighting conditions and camera angles. I believe it effects the higher graphic settings mainly. This is unfortunately due to the way the game engine handles reflections, pretty badly. Fear not, the mod community has you covered! SLXJ's mod 'Better Fake Reflections' resolves the issue as best as possible until the CK's out, and it also significantly increases the quality of all glass objects. 

This mod will not work with EBT. However, if you wish to have more random blood patterns rather than the default single texture; I highly recommend EBT, along with my texture ADD-ON: Bloody Mess - EBT ADD-ON.


Bloody Mess - EBT ADD-ON
Bloody Comical - Enhanced Blood Textures ADD-ON


Vanilla ENB ' Enhanced'
Little Bit of Green - some minor edits
Vivid Landscapes  - minor edits
Realistic Survival Damage
Realistic Ragdoll Force
Better Fake Reflections

Screenshots Mod
Bloody Realistic - HD Blood Textures (4k, 2k, 1k) for Fallout 4 Bloody Realistic - HD Blood Textures (4k, 2k, 1k) for Fallout 4 Bloody Realistic - HD Blood Textures (4k, 2k, 1k) for Fallout 4

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