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de_dust3 v1.0 (Updated) for CS:GO

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de_dust3 v1.0 (Updated) for CS:GO
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Credits: - mattyy25

Description about de_dust3 v1.0 (Updated) for CS:GO:

de_dust3 (Updated) v1.0 for Counter Strike: Global Offensive game.



  • Pillars in Palace
  • Added a few ground details
  • smoothed sand/mountain displacements
  • Fixed a few Palace textures to make them linear
  • Made Curbs Non-Solid
  • Entrance to Catwalk Hallway Has more detail
  • Secret Entrance Door and new Long path to A Site Catwalk ThinggyMCbobber Added

A professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitive level.

Oct Update

  • Changed houses into apartments to make it look less village like to city like
  • Deleted Ugly arches on long A which makes the lane really open and long
  • Changed the path to Short A for Terrorists by removing doors, deleting secret underground passageway and connecting palace
  • Moved the Hole to get onto CT short A side so its more of a RISK for TS
  • Extended the CT Spawn Palace and removed alot of detail over there
  • Lowered Skyboxes and saved thousands of sq units, smokes still possible everywhere
  • Started on bay/Ocean by A site

New Path

  • Changed the path to tunnels from T spawn
  • Misc things like decals/props
  • Added a courtyard to B
  • Added a window that overlooks Middle for terrorists
Screenshots Mod
de_dust3 v1.0 (Updated) for CS:GO de_dust3 v1.0 (Updated) for CS:GO de_dust3 v1.0 (Updated) for CS:GO

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