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ze_crazykart_b5 Map v1.0 for CSGO

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ze_crazykart_b5 Map v1.0 for CSGO
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Category - CSGO maps
Version - CS:GO
Credits: - Luffaren

Description about ze_crazykart_b5 Map v1.0 for CSGO:

Download mod ze_crazykart_b5 Map v1.0 for CSGO game.

A great addition added to the game Counter Strike-Global Offensive game is ze_crazykart_b5 Map, which can be downloaded for free and without registration. You can also see other maps from the category GS:GO maps or go to the main section CS:GO mods. 

The map contains:
> 64 driveable karts that explode after taking too much damage.
> 18 kart-based items.
> 11 unique stages to play.
> 3 gamemodes (race, battle and star royale).
> a scoring system which rewards certain actions (and punishes cheating).
> a dynamic scoreboard for the top-15 players.
> a voting system where the top scoreboard players gets extra influence.
> randomized world-spawn for mushrooms and stars.
> a dynamic kart-speed system that stacks properly with certain events.

Changes in B5:
  • added F-zero mode (no items, new vehicles/sounds/music, faster speed, changed logic)
  • added stage 8 (rainbow road)
  • added stage 9 (mute city - Fzero)
  • added stage 10 (big blue - Fzero)
  • added stage 11 (fire field - Fzero)
  • added blue shell item (which targets the first-place player, CAN in some cases be inaccurate)
  • added repair item (spawned randomly in the world)
  • added a counter/cooldown for spamming the kart jump (punishing bhoppers trying to gain more speed)
  • added anti-grief/camping system, you can no longer stay in a single spot for a longer period of time
  • added chat command, type !boom in order to spawn an explosion on yourself to hurt nearby karts (only works for non-karters during race+battle)
  • added an external (optional) .nut file which server managers can use to configure certain things to their liking (check "config.nut" in the .zip download)
  • updated the information to match what the map currently has
  • ents are cleaned up better now
  • tweaked some materials that caused lag
  • increased keepupright strength to flip you upright
  • tweaked/fixed stage voting system
  • fixed issue where there are two server+clientcommands in the map
  • fixed !vipsound which wasn't working
  • random world-spawned items spawn in more often now
  • the top5 players are now allowed to use the !kartcolor chat command (only top3 was allowed before)
  • optimized some script calls
  • increased kart health heavilt (race only), from 100hp to 200hp, which should let more players stay in the game for longer
  • during star royale, when there's 7 or less karts left it will now spawn bob-ombs randomly
  • fixed a few script variables/printouts
  • stage 1 - optimized/removed a displacement which could cause lag
  • stage 4 - added a walkable bridge over the first jump (so non-kart players can run over it)
  • fixed spawn-killer
  • converted the func_physbox to prop_physics_override, should reduce issues where you can melt into the ground
  • fixed GetOff method when the kart breaks, you should not get stuck in the wall anymore (if hugging it when the kart breaks)
  • updated/fixed patrons
While playing, you can get in/out of karts by pressing E on the steering wheel.
If you're outside the spawn + your kart, you can be hurt/infected by other players.
If you kill/infect another player you get extra score.

WASD = drive.
Left mouse = use item/honk if none held (or F-zero boost).
Right mouse = makes the kart jump slightly.
Screenshots Mod
ze_crazykart_b5 Map v1.0 for CSGO ze_crazykart_b5 Map v1.0 for CSGO ze_crazykart_b5 Map v1.0 for CSGO
Gameplay / Videos:

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