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Preset Pack 5 for Fallout 4

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Preset Pack 5 for Fallout 4
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Category - Fallout 4
Version - Fallout 4
Credits: - NotWord2

Description about Preset Pack 5 for Fallout 4:

Download mod Preset Pack 5 for Fallout 4 game.

Fifth compilation, this time with 26 presets (originals, WIPs and VIPs as well), including Anna, Emily Kaldwin, Nico, Shelly "Bombshell" Harrison and V.
Featured hairstyles and clothing in most cases are NOT part of this mod.       

Contains seven following presets of original or movie characters:
Anna (Metro Exodus)
Avril (Lavigne)
Bloodrayne (Bloodrayne)
Cat (Call of Cthulhu 2018)
Claire Redfield (Resident Evil 2 Remake & Revelations 2)
Emily Kaldwin (Dishonored 2)
KDA Akali (League of Legends)
KDA Evelynn (League of Legends)
Lady (Devil May Cry V)
Margot (Robbie)
Meryl (Metal Gear Solid 4)
Nico (Devil May Cry V)
North (Detroit: Become Human)
Shelly (Bombshell)
Syanna (Witcher 3 Blood and Wine)
Trish (Devil May Cry 4)
V (Cyberpunk 2077)
Violette (Velvet Assassin)
Zero (Drag-On Dragoon 3)

All presets can be found under "WRP *name of the character*" in your list of presets. WRP stands for "Word resource pack", as I obviously didn't want to go with the initials of "Preset pack". :P

WARNING: Before you invade the comment section, telling me that some of those presets are missing hair and head accessories, I'm aware of that, which is why I decided to put them all in one huge pack. Consider them resources you are supposed to further edit, or add the additional gear to them yourself, in which case I will gladly link you to the files I used.
Presets that come quiped with their intended hairstyle: Avril, Claire Redfield (Resi Revelations 2), Margot, North, Shelly (at least one of them), V (slighly altered mesh), Violette (at least one of the presets), Zero.

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Preset Pack 5 for Fallout 4 Preset Pack 5 for Fallout 4 Preset Pack 5 for Fallout 4
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