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Warmup Round Mod v1.2 for CSGO

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Warmup Round Mod v1.2 for CSGO
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Category - CSGO other
Version Game - CS:GO
Credits: - Avo

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Download mod Warmup Round Mod v1.2 for CSGO | Counter Strike: Global Offensive game.

WarmUP MOD - mod for CS: GO for training. This mod is somewhat similar to the CSDM Mod, but more simple to execute, manage. Works like a simple plugin. All settings are regulated by kvara.

sm_warmupround_enabled: Enables or disables the plugin (Default: 1)
sm_warmupround_respawn: Automatically respawn players during warmup. (Default: 1)
sm_warmupround_weapon: Weapon to give during the warmup round. ie: knife, hegrande, p228, deagle, elite,hkp2000,random.. (Default: hegrenade)
sm_warmupround_friendlyfire: If you normally use friendly fire, setting this to 1 will disable friendly fire before warmup, and re-enable it after warmup. (Default: 0)
sm_warmupround_preexec: Config file to execute prior to warmup starting. File goes in your /cfg/ directory.
sm_warmupround_postexec: Config file to execute after warmup has finished. File goes in your /cfg/ directory.


Random weapon: random
Classic weapon: knife, glock, hkp2000, p250, deagle, elite, fiveseven, tec9, nova, xm1014, mag7, bizon, sawedoff, mac10, mp9, mp7, ump45, p90, galilar, ak47, scar20, famas, m4a1, aug, ssg08, sg556, awp, g3sg1, m249, negev, hegrenade
  • V1.2.0 (2013-09-10)
    • Initial CS:GO Release
    • Removed sm_warmupround_time to simply use mp_warmuptime
    • Added random weapon feature
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Warmup Round Mod v1.2 for CSGO Warmup Round Mod v1.2 for CSGO
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