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Natural Realism - Gameplay v5.01 for GTA 5

Category - GTA V other mods

Version Game - v1.0.1868.1
Credits: - VoxR4710

Download mod Natural Realism - Gameplay v5.01 for GTA 5 | Grand Theft Auto V game.

Natural Realism: Gameplay - This is my GTA series of mods Natural Realism which provides improvements for existing game files only, aimed at creating the most comprehensively realistic experience without losing anything from the original game, or relying on 3rd party scripts or injectors.
The end goal is that you can download both NR mods and those may be the only 2 mods you ever need to install.

Features mod Natural Realism - Gameplay:
- Traffic variety increased and added DLC vehicles with proper paint colours
- Police no longer appear in front of you when wanted
- Police take time to dispatch to reported crime scenes or during chases
- You can now evade wanted state realistically - by actually creating distance and then hiding in a car park, warehouse or down an alley and commit basic crimes and get away without even seeing police if you are fast
- Police now take 3x longer to send another helicopter after one is destroyed and helis always need to refuel sometimes
- Police can carry a few types of handguns, shotgun and later G36 and MP5
- Police forces are more varied between detectives and officers, progressing to secret service agents at higher wanted levels
- Army now carry MK2 AR15s and MK2 Combat MG
- More discrete gang members added, not all gang members are colour coded anymore so it's not always obvious what's happening or who is fighting who.
- Gangs now have a complex and realistic web of feelings towards each other. Some will KOS others, some will join a fight but not start one, some gangs have alliances. Hillbillys hate all foreign gangs most. Chinese hate everyone. Most gang members dislike non-gang men.
- Realistic occurence of fighting - you should never find any area which is a constant warzone like in other gang and relationship mods. Gang fights will break out randomly, there are hotspots such as strip club area and chinatown, but nowhere is 24/7 gunfire.
- Realistic scale of fighting - much of the time, people will just box with each other. Quite frequently, someone will pull out a melee weapon. Occasionally, someone has enough, pulls out a gun and starts firing. Less occasionally still, a gunfight breaks out. Gang members now shoot more often and spray automatic weapons longer. Driveby shootings can occur, even car chases.
- Gangs now have a complex, realistic and highly varied loot table governing which weapons they will have. Hillbilly are more likely to carry tools, shotguns and revolvers. Black and latino gangs favour machetes, pistols, machine pistols and sometimes AKs. Chinese generally have higher tier weapons.
- People on the street converse faster and more naturally
- Naturalised day & night traffic/pedestrian densities to include busy rush hours and quiet early mornings
- All people now have a chance to have some kind of weapon, most likely basic ones like broken bottle, switchblade, hammer or pipe wrench, if anything. But anyone could be carrying a gun! Tasers are quite popular for civil defence, too.
- Increased likelihood of gang members driving in groups (and listening to G shit)
- More random, chaotic & active behaviour of AI (more chatting, more fighting, less predictability)
- Health of all people reduced for cinematic gunfights
- Weapon impacts reduced, especially for headshots so that people crumple realistically to the ground, dead before they hit the floor

Changes in v5.01:
- Idek anymore. Small changes.
- Perfected custom popcycle. Perfected traffic vehicle selection, rarities and paintwork. Perfected paintwork for all vehicles (goodbye ugly white challenger with red stripe!). Police tweaks. Gameconfig tweaks. 

- Use OpenIV or your favourite mod tool to open the rpf archives as shown inside the provided zip file. The directory structure mirrors that of the RPF archives. Copy all files to their respective locations inside the RPFs. 
- Recommended to make backups or use 'mods' folder method - always.  

Tested on game version v1.0.1868.1 
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Natural Realism - Gameplay v5.01 for GTA 5 Natural Realism - Gameplay v5.01 for GTA 5 Natural Realism - Gameplay v5.01 for GTA 5

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