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Chaos Mod V v2.1.3 for GTA 5

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Chaos Mod V v2.1.3 for GTA 5
Category - GTA V other mods
Version game - v1.60+
Credits: -
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Download script Chaos Mod V v2.1.3 for GTA 5 | Grand Theft Auto V game.

Chaos Mod V - is an attempt to mimic the Chaos mods found on SA and VC. Basically, every 30 seconds the game will trigger a random effect. This effect can be anything from giving you an RPG to exploding all nearby vehicles or making every nearby ped dance.  This makes gameplay significantly more surprising, as literally anything could happen every time an effect starts. Right now the mod features around 300 unique effects.  

Features script Chaos Mod V:
- over 300 unique effects added;
- option to rename effects;
Added "Random Effect" voteable option 

Changes in v2.1.3:
- Fixed permanent effects persisting through mod pausing
- Fixed "Override Timed Effect Type" and "Override Timed Effect Timer Length" options in config utility wrongfully showing up as checked

Tested in game version v1.60+
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Chaos Mod V v2.1.3 for GTA 5 Chaos Mod V v2.1.3 for GTA 5 Chaos Mod V v2.1.3 for GTA 5

Changes in v2.0.1:
  • Fixed effects on rare occasion getting stuck in the effect list with the effect timer overflowing
  • Fixed movement speed modifier effects not working after a while
  • Fixed "Meta" item in Meta config utility tab not showing the count of enabled items
 Download #1

Changes in v2.0:
New Features:
  • Added 23 new effects
    - 0.5x & 5x & 10x Movement Speed
    - 1 Wanted Star & 3 Wanted Stars
    - AFK
    - Bad Boys
    - Bouncy Radar
    - Fake Fake Teleport
    - Detach Random Wheel
    - Disassemble Current Vehicle
    - ESP
    - Fake U-Turn
    - Friendly Fire
    - Give Everyone A Random Prop
    - Maximap
    - Muffled Audio
    - Not Menendez!
    - Pay Respect
    - Random Gravity
    - Remove Waypoint
    - Set Time To System Time
    - Smoke Trails
    - Solid Props
     - You're Toast
  • Implemented a workshop system for custom effects and sounds
    - This allows you to easily install collections of custom effects and sounds created by community members in the form of "submissions"
    - This feature is accessible through new "Workshop" tab in the config utility
    - You can selectively configure effects and disable files in workshop submissions from loading
    - Make sure to regularly click on the Refresh button to fetch newly uploaded or updated submissions
     - Interested in uploading your own creations? See
  • Added experimental Discord voting - check chaosmod/README/voting/voting.txt for info on how to set it up
  • Added the option to dispatch effects based on distance travelled rather than time
  • Added ability to search for effects in config utility
  • Implemented a debug panel for the mod - check for more details
  • Added .clearlogfileonreset, .nodumps, .blacklistedcomponents and .blacklistedhooks feature flags - check for more details
Improvements to existing effects:
  • "Lock Camera" is not jittery anymore
  • "Disable Random Direction" also affects mouse steering
  • Added more phrases to "Realistic Hacking"
  • Custom names will now show up as fake effect names
  • Renamed "Local Time" to "Set Time To System Time"
  • "Random Gravity" is short timed by default now
  • "GTA 2" now has a more dynamic camera, making it more alike the actual GTA 2 one
  • "Ramp Jam" and "Vehicles Shoot Rockets" now use help texts to display info rather than using the effect name for the corresponding keys
  • "Super Stunt" doesn't behave weirdly in certain cases anymore
  • Made sprunk machines in "Quick Sprunk Stop" functional
  • "Ignite Player" extinguishes the fire after a few seconds now
  • "Sideways Gravity" and "Random Gravity" now give everything invincibility for the duration of the effect
  • "Fake Death" now uses more "professional" death texts
  • The script parsing logic has been massively improved by using multiple threads & cached native definitions during evaluation
     - Having a sizeable amount of lua scripts won't block initial loading & reloading of the mod for a significant time anymore
  • Expanded the range of possible keys for effect shortcuts, allowing (almost) any key to be chosen along with being able to use CTRL and shift keys as modifiers in the config utility
  • The config utility is resizable now 🤯
  • Config files are located in the configs/ subdirectory now
    - The config utility will prompt you with a popup which when accepted moves all the corresponding files into that directory
     - Config files in the old spot will still be read by the mod, no action is necessary
  • Initial mod startup time has been improved by running hooks in separate thread
  • Significantly reduced stuttering when some effects are activated the first time - game memory scanning is now asynchronous
  • Marked game build b2944 as supported for FiveM
  • Effects now always immediately show their name on the right (with the exception of "Fake" ones)
  • Further changes to Lua scripts
    - ScriptInfo and ScriptId have been renamed to EffectInfo and EffectId (with backwards compatibility for the old names of course)
    - A whole lot of new functions have been exposed to the Lua runtime, check them here
     - Error messages have been made a lot cleare
  • Dispatching certain effects several times a row will not cause a game crash anymore
  • The TwitchChatVotingProxy process won't use significant amounts of CPU resources anymore & won't cause issues with disconnects from that
  • Improvements to the timer bar & effect timer algorithms
  • Login / channel error messages for the voting system are working again - after 3(!) years
  • Blocked new stub files from game builds b2802 and b2944 from being loaded, preventing crashes caused through those assets
  • Fixed vehicle despawn bypass not working if a save file is reloaded
  • Fixed "Ramp Jam" allowing you to spawn ramps on foot after entering and exiting a vehicle
  • Fixed "Black Hole" causing crashes on certain setups
 Download #1

Changes in v1.11.6:
- Fixed spawned online vehicles disappearing / kicking you out on newest game build (b2944)
- Blacklisted some newly introduced stub assets in b2944, preventing crashes from accidentally spawning those in through an effect
 Download #1 | Download #2

Changes in v1.11.5:
- Fixed regression causing several physics related effects to not affect peds & objects anymore;
- Fixed regression causing Failsafe & online vehicle despawn bypass to not work on b2699 anymore.
 Download #1 | Download #2

Changes in v1.11.3:
New effects:
- A Dark World
- Hot Cougars In Your Area
- Gravity Guns
- Static
- Added shortcut to prevent black screen softlocks (CTRL + SHIFT + K, enabled by default)
- Added option to limit voting to specific Twitch users
- Updated Failsafe to work with the newest game build (2699)
- Fixed "Fake Teleport" not preventing fails on newest game build
- (Hopefully) fixed potential crash related to random vehicles / vehicles upgrades
- Minor changes to existing effect
 Download #1

Changes in v1.11.2:
- Fixed crash when loading / starting a new game after initial load
- Fixed potential crash caused by certain vehicle effects due to stub assets
- Fixed eye blinking effect not working during "I'm So Tired"
 Download #1 | Download #2

Changes in v1.10.4:
  • Fixed "Dead Eye" effect not working
  • Fix "No Chaos" and "What's Happening??" effects hiding the wrong mod UI components
  • Added help text to Meta page in config app
  • Fixed effect texts not showing up if only meta effects are enabled
Download Link 1 | Download Link 2

Changes in v1.10.3:
  • New effects:
    - "Prop Hunt" (@Gorakh)
     - "Spinning Props" (@Gorakh)
  • Updated Failsafe to work in a build proof manner
  • Removed "Bloom" effect
  • Updated Blimp Strats effect (@Reguas)
  • Exposed meta modifiers to Lua runtime
  • More minor changes and fixes
Download #1 | Download #2

Changes in v1.10.1:
- Fix regression which caused FiveM support to break again
- Added new effects
- Gravity Sphere (@Reguas)
- I Feel Sick (@Mo-xii)
- Ghost Town (@Goorakh)
- Sideways Gravity (@Goorakh)
- Mannequins (@Goorakh)
- Delayed Camera (@Goorakh)
- Flip HUD (@Goorakh)
- Teleporter Malfunction (@Goorakh)
- Resurrection Day (@Goorakh)
- Jumpy Props (@Goorakh)
- 2x Animation Speed (@Goorakh)
- Prop Cars (@Goorakh)
 - Tiny Vehicles (@Goorakh)
- Minor changes to existing effects
- (Re-)Added support for FiveM
- Added the ability to assign a key to activate an effect (@Last0xygen)
- Added the ability to assign multiple custom sounds to an effect and let the mod variate between them
- Effect texts won't overflow anymore after a certain number of concurrent effects (@Last0xygen)
- Stability improvements for physics-related effects (@Parik27)
- Updated native definitions for the Lua scripting engine
- Updated Failsafe to support the newest game build (2545)
 Download #1 | Download #2

Changes in v1.9.1.3:
- Added 3 new effects
- Modified weighting of specific effect groups as per feedback
- In-game overlay voting options will now respect the "Effect Text" color in the config utility and have a background for better readability
- Fixed an issue that could cause effect groups to not show up at all
- Fixed Failsafe also clearing permanent effects
- Added colors to log console!
- Added more stuff to complain about
- Some (more or less) minor changes to effects
 Download #1 Download #2

Changes in v1.9.0.3:
- Fixed effect "Randomize Player Clothes" always choosing the same clothes
- Included a new sound which plays every time a new effect is activated! You can either change or disable the sound by replacing / removing the following file: chaosmod/sounds/global_effectdispatch.mp3
- Added meta effect "No Chaos" 
- More Lua related improvements 
- Changes for existing effects 
Download #1Download #2

Changes in v1.8.2.2:
- Adjusted some effects to make crashes less likely under game-stressing scenarios
- Added crash dumps (making debugging crashes easier)
- Fixed clowns appearing without the visual effect and not despawning after "Killer Clowns" end

Changes in v1.8:
- 28 new effects! (all of them contributed by the community)
- Fixed "Insane Gravity" and "Invert Gravity" causing crashes on the newest Steam build
- (Hopefully) fixed "Set Everyone Into Random Vehicles" causing crashes
- "Lag" is slightly less annoying now
- Removed "Blind"
- Removed "Chop Vision"
- Renamed "Fog Of War" to "Gunsmoke"
- Adjusted "Mercenaries"
- Added super secret easter egg (maybe)
- Made "Fake Death" even more convincing :)
- Made "Hot Traffic" hotter
- More minor changes to effects
- Effects in the config utility are sorted in alphabetical order now
- Moved list of contributors to seperate file
- Included a new experimental utility for changing the looks of the OBS overlay
 Download #1

Changes in v1.7.5:
- Added 6 new community-made effects
- "Fake Death" is more convincing now
- "Loose Trigger" now applies to everyone
- "Airstrike Inbound" doesn't clear the wanted level anymore
- Amplified "Heavy Recoil"
- "Mercenaries" spawns them closer to the player and ensures they fight the player quicker now
- "Help My W Key Is Stuck" blocks aiming
- "Deep Fried" also makes vehicle headlights much brighter now
- "Now This Is Some Tire Poppin'" is short timed by default now
 Download #1

Changes in v1.7.4:
- Added 6 new effects (all of them were made by one contributor!)
- "Explosive Bullets" and "Explosive Punches" are one effect now
- "Revive Dead Peds" also gives a random weapon to revived peds now
- Removed "No Weapon Switching" (in favor of a new effect)
- "Doomsday" is more chaotic but also just a short timed effect by default now
- "All Peds Are Cops" and "Peds Riot" will cancel each other out now
- The Epic Games version of the game crashing on "Spawn Random Companion / Enemy" has not been resolved yet in this version, please stand by
 Download #1

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