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Chaos Mod + Twitch Voting v0.5.3 for CSGO

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Chaos Mod + Twitch Voting v0.5.3 for CSGO
Category - CSGO other
Version game - CS:GO
Credits: - boink
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Downlod plugin Chaos Mod + Twitch Voting v0.5.3 for CSGO | Counter Strike-Global Offensive game.

Chaos Mod - Inspired by GTA V Chaos Mod, CS:GO Chaos Mod brings over a 100+ unique effects into your competitive games such as Portal Guns, Snow, Saturation, Auto bunnyhopping, Fog, Explosive Bullets, Simon Says, Low Render Distance, and much, much more! The effects are randomised and every 15 seconds a new one will spawn, keeping you and your enemies on your toes. To make sure the plugin recognises and handles different effects correctly, it's important to use the right game mode configuration. For example, when playing Deathmatch or Co-op Strike Maps, it's necessary to disable the "Auto Plant C4" effect. This is because there are many effects available, and using the correct config will ensure that effects will work as intended, based on the game mode being played.

Changes in v0.5.3:
- Fixed forwards that weren't working when sm_chaos_override_duration was set to 0 (when effects last all round)
- Reset ConVars only when effects expire - an attempt to prevent server defaults from being reset
- sm_effectcue now accepts full effect names to skip the menu

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Chaos Mod + Twitch Voting v0.5.3 for CSGO Chaos Mod + Twitch Voting v0.5.3 for CSGO Chaos Mod + Twitch Voting v0.5.3 for CSGO

Changes in v0.5.1:
- BugfixFixed Added co-op check when adding effects to twitch voting list
- BugfixFixed issue where certain effects were getting added to effect list when they shouldn't have been at the start of the round
- BugfixFixed certain sounds not playing to dead players
- BugfixFixed rare occurrence where twitch effect list wouldn't show during freeze time
- BugfixFixed players from getting stuck on shields
- BugfixFixed Checkers effect using old material path
- ImprovementRemoved strict condition check when running voted twitch effect
- ImprovementImproved Ghost Slaps
- ImprovementRemoved health cap on Vampires effect
 Download #1 | Download #2

Changes in v0.4.1b:
- Option to reset ConVar defaults from the menu
- Prevented temporary spawn points from being saved while Portal Guns effect is active (Will now save to a new file)
- Prevented Fake Teleport from running after the round ends
- Fixed all sounds in Loose Trigger
- Changed gravity effects to be applied to the whole server and not just client specific (now affects other entities)
- Improved Drop All Weapons visually
- Improved Decoy Dodgeball mechanics
- Improved "Is this what mexico looks like?" effect with color corrections instead of fog
- Improved "Ice Skating" effect so that you have to press spacebar to ice skate
- Improved "Teleport On Kill" & "Portal Guns" to lerp players on teleport.
- Fixed lightning strike material in Thunderstorm (Precached correctly now)
- Reduced 1HP effect to only run 5 seconds by default
- Nerfed "Don't miss or you take damage"
- Added more incompatibilities to allow gameplay to run smoother
- Minor improvements in v0.4.1 for smoother gameplay
 Download #1 | Download #2

Changes in v0.3.5:
- 10 New Effects (Player Compass Boxing, No Comms, Take damage on missed shots, "Help my key is stuck" on all A/S/D/W keys (3 additional effects), Respawn teammate on enemy kill, Anti Flash, ExoJump Boots);
- Update to latest DynamicChannels (SM 1.11);
- Prevent players from teleporting outside the skybox during Portal Guns;
- Renamed the sm_chaos_twitch_enabled ConVar to sm_chaos_voting_enabled.
 Download #1 | Download #2

Changes in v0.3.2b:
- 13 New Effects (Blur, Extreme Blur, Tilted, Damage Bar, No Heads, Big Heads, High Mouse Sensitivity, Trails, Teleport On Kill, Checkers,
- Increased Nade Damage, Extended Flashbang Effect, Swap Player Models)
- Moved effect announcement HUD slightly up to go above the spectator UI
- Check that custom materials/models exist on the server before running the effect
- Prevent a certain group of effects from running at the same time.
- Fixed an issue with invisible player effects
 Download #1

Changes in v0.3.1
- 4 New Effects (Black Bars, Weapon Knockback, Give Random Grenade, No Viewmodel)
- Fixed issue where effects were being re-applied too quickly on player spawn and not affecting the player
- Restricted weapon drops during Taser Party effect

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