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Chaos Mod V v1.7.4 for GTA 5

Author: Zagruzka | Date: 7-08-2020, 16:20 | Views: 137 | Comments: 0
Chaos Mod V v1.7.4 for GTA 5
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Category - GTA V other mods
Version Game - v.1180.1
Credits: - pongo1231
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Reason: Mod Updated to v1.7.4

Description about « Chaos Mod V v1.7.4 for GTA 5: »

Download script Chaos Mod V v1.7.4 for GTA 5 | Grand Theft Auto V game.

Chaos Mod - is an attempt to mimic the Chaos mods found on SA and VC. Basically, every 30 seconds the game will trigger a random effect. This effect can be anything from giving you an RPG to exploding all nearby vehicles or making every nearby ped dance.  This makes gameplay significantly more surprising, as literally anything could happen every time an effect starts. Right now the mod features around 200 unique effects.  

Features script Chaos Mod V:
- over 200 unique effects added;
- option to rename effects;
Added "Random Effect" voteable option 

Changes in v1.7.4:
- Added 6 new effects (all of them were made by one contributor!)
- "Explosive Bullets" and "Explosive Punches" are one effect now
- "Revive Dead Peds" also gives a random weapon to revived peds now
- Removed "No Weapon Switching" (in favor of a new effect)
- "Doomsday" is more chaotic but also just a short timed effect by default now
- "All Peds Are Cops" and "Peds Riot" will cancel each other out now
- The Epic Games version of the game crashing on "Spawn Random Companion / Enemy" has not been resolved yet in this version, please stand by

- Make sure you have the latest MSVC++ and .NET Redistributable and ScriptHookV installed!
- Otherwise just drop everything ChaosMod.asi and the chaosmod folder itself (not the content!) in your GTA directory.
- Also make sure you run chaosmod/ChaosModVConfig.exe to look through its options to customize the mod to your liking!  

Tested in game version v.1180.1
Screenshots Mod
Chaos Mod V v1.7.4 for GTA 5 Chaos Mod V v1.7.4 for GTA 5 Chaos Mod V v1.7.4 for GTA 5
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