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Unofficial Patch v2.1.5 for Fallout 4

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Unofficial Patch v2.1.5 for Fallout 4
Category - Fallout 4
Version game - v1.10.163+
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Download Unofficial Patch v2.1.5 for Fallout 4 game.

Unofficial Patch - a comprehensive bugfixing mod for Fallout 4. The goal of the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch (aka UFO4P) is to eventually fix every bug with Fallout 4 not officially resolved by the developers to the limits of the Creation Kit and community-developed tools, in one easy-to-install package.

- Hundreds of gameplay, quest, NPC, object, item, text and placement bugs fixed.
- Created by the authors of the Unofficial Oblivion and Skyrim Patch series.
- No unsafe changes (such as deletions of stock objects).
- Designed to be compatible with as many other mods as possible.

Changes in v2.1.5:
UFO4P Fixes
  • The glow map texture for the glowing mutant hounds got corrupted again somehow. It has been fixed yet again. Hopefully for good this time. (textures\actors\FEVHound\
  • The Graygarden workshop borders that were initially fixed in 23169 have been reverted and replaced with a direct mesh edit to properly indicate the borders instead. (meshes\Workshop\WorkshopBorderGrayGarden01.nif) (Bug #32583)
  • The edit for debris material needs to be removed because the affected file is in use by more than just the previously known references. Reverts Bug #32322 and deletes the material file in Materials\Landscape\Ground\DebrisGroundTile.BGSM (Bug #32691)
  • Several cells on Far Harbor end up with missing textures on XB1 due to a mismatch in the data sets for Previsbines in them. It doesn't matter what type of edits they were since the issue lies in the CELL record headers themselves. [AcadiaObservatoryExt02, FringeCoveDocksExt02, HarborGrandHotelExt03, NationalParkCampgroundExt, SouthWestHarborExt, DLC03POIDL02, DLC03POI14, DLC03POI55, DLC03POI02] (Bug #31597)
Actor Fixes
  • Amelia Stockton incorrectly had a synth component in her inventory that is instead supposed to be an on-death item. (Bug 32704)
  • Female "Child of Atom" corpses only identified as a generic corpse rather than one specific to them. This was due to mistakenly inheriting the base data from generic corpses. [Loot_CorpseChildrenOfAtomFemale] (Bug #32791)
  • Bullet's Minions remain gathered outside of Billy's house after the end of his quest because their package conditions would only make them follow Bullet as long as it was running. Since these minions only exist to support Bullet anyway, all conditions from the package have been removed. So where Bullet goes, his goons will follow. [MS01BulletMinionFollow] (Bug #19998)
Item Fixes
  • Seasoned Rabbit Skewers were missing a piece of wood in its recipe. All other skewered food requires one. [DLC03_co_food_SteakRabbit] (Bug #32739)
  • Vendor counters at Bunker Hill could be destroyed during the battle because the furniture objects had destruction data attached. Once destroyed, the vendors can no longer do their jobs and can't be reassigned either. Unfortunately the objects will not regenerate if they're already destroyed. [WorkshopStoreMisc03NoEditDinerCounter] (Bug #32727) [NR]
  • The Relentless modification had a NULL enchantment in its list. [mod_Legendary_Weapon_OnCritRefillAP] (Bug #32708)
  • Empty Lukowski's Potted Meat Trays should have been set up as Aluminum rather than steel. (Bug #32684)
  • The Workshop hamper was incorrectly set up to require wood scrap instead of the normal wood component. [DLC06Workshop_co_CleanFurn_Hamper_Empty] (Bug #32680)
  • LLM_HuntingRifle and LL_MiscMod_HuntingRifle had entries in their lists which should have been set to level 11 but were mistakenly set for level 111. (Bug #32672)
  • Nuka-Cide [DLC04_NukaCola_NukaCide] should provide a larger magnitude when the player has the Wasteland Survival 3 perk. The value checks on this were reversed. The boosted magnitude was also incorrectly set to 10 when it should be 11.25. (Bug #32671)
  • The Calibrated Powerful Receiver mod incorrectly references the scope attachment point instead of the gun casing attachment point. [mod_DoubleBarrelShotgun_Receiver_MoreDamage2_and_BetterCriticals] (Bug #32778)

Tested on game version v1.10.163+
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Unofficial Patch v2.1.5 for Fallout 4 Unofficial Patch v2.1.5 for Fallout 4 Unofficial Patch v2.1.5 for Fallout 4

Changes in v2.1.4:
UFO4P Fixes
  • A sweep of the plugin has been made to remove lingering edits to references which are part of a previsbine. There should no longer be any remaining at this point.
  • 07026EF7: Forgot to set the enable parent to have this debris pile disable when the CIT explodes. (Bug #32441)
Audio Fixes
  • A PlayerVoiceMale01 recording in a scene between the Sole Survivor and Glory in DialogueRailroad didn't match the other recording or the subtitle. (Sound\Voice\Fallout4.esm\PlayerVoiceMale01\0009948A_1.fuz) (Bug #31297)
  • A PlayerVoiceMale01 recording in a scene between the Sole Survivor and Hancock in COMHancock didn't match the other recording or the subtitle. (Sound\Voice\Fallout4.esm\PlayerVoiceMale01\00168FB1_1.fuz) (Bug #31323)
  • DLC03MUSFactionChildrenOfAtom had no fade duration and was not set to cycle between the two tracks in its list. (Bug #31475)
Actor Fixes
  • DLC03MQ02_LCharMirelurkHunter had an unresolved reference in the list which has now been removed. There is insufficient information to determine what should have gone there. (Bug #32306)
  • Mutant Hounds did not drop the Viable Blood Sample because the leveled list with that item init was not included in their death drop. [LLD_MutantHound] (Bug #31434)
  • Mutant Hounds also did not drop extra meat after acquiring Wasteland Survival #9 because no leveled list to handle this had been created. [LLD_MutantHound] (Bug #31433)
  • Molerats did not drop extra meat after acquiring Wasteland Survival #9 because LLD_MoleratExtra was never added to the death drop list. [LLD_Molerat] (Bug #31291)
  • Old Longfellow is missing the 4 levels of Sneak and the Immunity to Radiation perks that every other companion has. (Bug #32430)
  • Nick Valentine was capped at a max level of 99. No other companions have a level cap, which strongly suggests Nick shouldn't have either. (Bug #32323)
  • DLC04TraderMaleSandbox01 had invalid face morph settings due to having been switched from female to male at some point during development. (Bug #32504)
  • The following preplaced Settler NPCs were all incorrectly set up as "Tripod Turret Class" instead of "Citizen" like they should have been. 
    • Farm01FemaleEvenToned
    • Farm01MaleBoston
    • Farm01MaleEvenToned
    • Farm02FemaleBoston
    • Farm02MaleRough
    • Farm03FemaleEvenToned
    • Farm03FemaleRough
    • Farm04MaleEvenToned
    • Farm04MaleOld
    • Farm05MaleRough
    • Farm06FemaleOld
    • Farm06MaleOld
  • Go home Todd, you're drunk! 3 child settlers in the same group of Farmers have also been incorrectly set to Turret class but should have been set to the Child class: 
    • Farm02MaleChild
    • Farm05FemaleChild
    • Farm05MaleChild
  • These settlers appear by default in Tenpines Bluff, County Crossing, and Nordhagen. Not that this likely will not fix them in an existing save, and definitely won't if any other settlers have been spawned from these base records. (Bug #31744) [NR]
Item Fixes
  • DN124_NoticeToSlocumsJoe: Note incorrectly flagged as a featured item. (Bug #31462)
  • PA_T60_Helmet_Headlamp_Bright and PA_T60_Helmet_Headlamp_RedTactical both pointed to the incorrect T45 variants for the OMOD objects. This led to the modifications screen previewing the wrong lamp. (Bug #23644) [This was actually fixed at some earlier date but somehow didn't get documented]
  • Cultivated Razorgrain is erroneously marked to be ignored as food by the survival settings. (Bug #26809)
  • Artillery Smoke Grenades, Plasma Grenades, Nuka Grenades, and Homing Beacon all have bad flight conditions that can lead to visual anomalies like them going up, stopping, and then falling straight to the ground after setting off the secondary effects. This is due to bad settings for their gravity and detonation time responses. (Bug #31625, 31623, 28537)
  • The Harpoon Gun [DLC03_HarpoonGun] incorrectly had the keyword to mark it as a type of Gatling Laser. This caused it to be included in the bonus for the Tesla And You perk. This weapon has multiple settings it shares in common with the Broadsider though, including it's preview model, so it should instead be marked as a Broadsider type. This will correctly remove it from the perk while still retaining the ability to mount it on a Heavy Weapon Stand. (Bug #31652)
  • Six of the legendary armor modifications included with Far Harbor lacked the +2 increase to damage and energy resistance. (Bug #31675)
  • Some of the Robot Factory armor modifications incorrectly reduce carry weight when their descriptions do not call for this. (Bug #31632)
  • Several Front Hydraulic Frames for robots are missing their expected enhancement +10 to carry weight. (Bug #31631)
  • Tarberry normally gives 1hp/sec for 10 seconds. Reading Wasteland Survival Guide #1 should boost that to 1.5hp/sec for 10 seconds but it was mistakenly set to a 5 second duration. (Bug #31743)
Location Fixes
  • Several navmesh nodes were buried underground at Finch Farm, causing Jack to get stuck and end up teleporting. (Bug #25288)
  • Four random wilderness cells [-7,21 / -7,22 / -8,21 / -8,22 ] were erroneously marked as being part of GeneralAtomicsGalleriaLocation when they're nowhere near that site. They should all have been in the default CommonwealthLocation instead. (Bug #31494)
  • Several locations in the Commonwealth incorrectly had dungeon music assigned which starts playing even when you're still outside the buildings and should still be hearing exploration music. All of the cells in these locations correctly have dungeon music assigned internally so they will not lose the proper music. (Bug #31476)
  • Cell 4,1 (near Bunker Hill, on the river) is mistakenly marked to disable water LOD. (Bug #31732)
  • Minor navmesh issues at Huntress Island that may have prevented enemies from entering one of the houses. A ramp [0738F5B5] has also been added to the back door as there was a significant gap between the doorway and the landscape outside that was large enough to impede the player as well. (Bug #32329)
Mesh, Material, and Texture Fixes
  • Several lights added by the Vault-Tec Workshop DLC cast their shadows and light cones in the wrong direction due to their light emmision nodes being in the wrong positions. [Meshes\DLC06\Workshop\DLC06_VltLight01FluorBox.nif, Meshes\DLC06\Workshop\DLC06_VltLight02FluorResHallHalfLit.nif, Meshes\DLC06\Workshop\DLC06_VltLight02FluorResHallLit.nif, Meshes\DLC06\Workshop\DLC06_VltLight02FluorResWallHalfLit.nif, Meshes\DLC06\Workshop\DLC06_VltLight02FluorResWallLit.nif, Meshes\DLC06\Workshop\DLC06_VltLight04SpotLit.nif, Meshes\DLC06\Workshop\DLC06_VltLight05UtilCage01MountedGreenLit.nif, Meshes\DLC06\Workshop\DLC06_VltLight05UtilCage01MountedRedLit.nif, Meshes\DLC06\Workshop\DLC06_VltLight05UtilCage01MountedWhiteLit.nif, Meshes\DLC06\Workshop\DLC06_VltLight07UtilFluor.nif] (Bug #21071)
  • Due to a missing double sided flag on the material, roof sections on top of things like the bus stop at Shaw High School had invisible bottoms. [Materials\Architecture\Buildings\hightech\HitTechGlassExterior01NA.BGSM] (Bug #31804)
  • The Carlisle Typewriter variant had flat keys with no 3D definition on them like the common junk typewriter. [meshes\props\typewriter\typewriter.nif] (Bug #31671)
  • Debris piles have transparent holes in them where they don't belong due to a bad alpha setting on their material file. [Materials\Landscape\Ground\DebrisGroundTile.BGSM] (Bug #32322) [UFO4P 2.1.5]
  • The normal map for the Memory Lounger does not display because of a bad texture path in the material file. [Materials\SetDressing\MemoryLounge\MemoryLoungerGlass01.BGEM] (Bug #32064)
  • BeachFence_BrokenEnd_Left01, which is used in 52 places in the game, has no geometry within the mesh. This results in phantom collision being present. All of the blocks have been removed from the mesh to resolve the issue. [meshes\SetDressing\FencesGrates\BeachFence_BrokenEnd_Left01.nif] (Bug #32356)
Perk and Stat Fixes
  • Eleanor's Friendship gives out discounts globally instead of only with her as it was supposed to. (Bug #31345)

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