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Armorsmith Extended v4.6 for Fallout 4

Category - Fallout 4

Version Game - v1.10.163+
Credits: - Gambit77

Download mod Armorsmith Extended v4.6 for Fallout 4 game.

Armorsmith Extended - makes quite a few changes to the system of wearing clothes and armor in Fallout 4, now you can wear clothes under the armor, all hats that do not cover the face can be worn with bandanas and gas masks.

Features Armorsmith Extended:
- Any clothing can be worn under armor.
- Any hat and helmets can be worn with a bandana or gas mask, if they do not cover your face.
- Any outfit in the game can have an added ballistic protection (bulletproof layer.)
- The system for modifying clothes has been greatly changed, each outfit can have improvements, in total at the moment there are 10 types of modifications, a protective layer, lining, modifications to the base and carried weight, to change the color, and so on.
- The mod will add new hats, new gloves, special armor for the dog, new helmets, hats, belts, a belt with a katana, a sniper rifle on the back, a working jetpack and much more.
- All clothing items can be renamed and also support modifications.
- Other changes, compatibility with different mods.

Changes in v4.6:
- bugfix: added missing dn keywords to Hazmat suits armor records to fix an issue with instance naming rule application on them.
- bugfix: fixed a CTD caused by featured item popups happening at same time as crafting a legendary item. Removed crafting recipes from some items and removed the featured item keyword from others.
- maintenance: updated records to keep AE current with AWKCR v8.5 update

Tested on game version v1.10.163+
Armorsmith Extended v4.6 for Fallout 4 Armorsmith Extended v4.6 for Fallout 4 Armorsmith Extended v4.6 for Fallout 4

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